The Light Bodywarmer


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  • Lightweight and still warm
  • Recycled polyester padding and liner, sturdy cotton outer
  • Three practical pockets



These are some of the problems you've had with your Bodywarmers in the past.


The design is often disappointing.


The pockets aren’t practical.


They’re not warm enough.


The cut isn’t great.

Let’s touch base

Stay in style

This lightweight piece might have done away with sleeves, but it retains all the oomph and appeal of a nicely designed puffer. Unlike some bodywarmers, you can wear this without a jacket and not look like you’ve given up on life. Bonus!

Check matte

Some hi-gloss puffers leave you looking like a varnished woodlouse. We worked hard on the material for this one, opting for something more on the matte side. You know: more understated elegance, less shiny tack.

No Michelin stars here

While the Michelin Man conjures visions of feasts around the next bend, when it comes to tasty puffers you’ll want to steer clear of the over-stuffed look. We made sure we gave you a sleek item—one with a carefully tailored length, as well elasticated ribbing around the arms and hem so it can work with all body types.

Warm welcome

When sleeves are out of the question, you have to really nail a top’s material to make sure it’s doing it’s due warming diligence without getting bloated-looking. We choose a 170g/m2 silicon sanded cotton outer to strike that balance perfectly…

10 (recycled) bottles, sitting on the wall

To ramp up the insulation credentials we added an un-rippable ripstop lining made of recycled polyester (30% coming from bottles stranded at sea). A good conversation starter, if you are really (really) stuck this winter.

Pad yourself on the back

Actually, while we are on about recycling… The garment’s padding is also made of 100% recycled polyester, also from waste plastic bottles. 150g/m2’s worth no less. While it might be less warm than your granny’s duvet, those long-suffering geese will thank you for it. Polyester is also more compact than down, keeping that silhouette nice and sleek.

Don’t forget your neck

Cyclists, close-shavers and draught-spotters alike will know how far a well-crafted collar goes. And this one, which can cover your full throat when the wind’s chipping away, scores some serious comfort points.

On the move

This one doesn’t draw the line at being practical when it comes to keeping you warm all winter, it’s got three generous pockets, on-hand for—well, hands—and all your valuables too. The two patch pockets on the front can even accommodate a modest paperback, while the zipper pocket inside can take care of your most prized possessions.

Lay it on

You got the drift. The Light Bodywarmer is a perfect mid-season back-up, and extra help for when the winter really gets going. Light, compact, warm and sleeveless. You’ll forget it’s there most of the time, in the best way possible.


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