Our goal:

Make durable quality clothes the way to go.

We do that by ripping up the conventional fashion model and finding a new way of working. We storm our brains like two rams with itchy heads and start working on an idea for a new piece of classic clothing.


It all starts with the questionnaire. You participate in the creation of clothes that make eyes at you. Your answers give us the right direction.


We finalise the design by crunching the data based on all the answers received. So satisfying, just like bursting bubble wrap. We then develop and make a prototype with cherry-picked manufactures in Europe.

Preordering campaign

Once the prototype is satisfying, we shoot it, and we launch the pre-ordering campaign for a limited time.


Step four, we total the sizes and colours ordered and fire up production. We keep you posted on progress, with a few insights on the production of the clothes right up until delivery.


Last but not least we send you the product you co-created. You can now finally wear it and look forward to many happy years together.

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