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  • 100% pure new wool from British weavers Abraham Moon & Sons
  • Tailored fit and modern cut meet classic tweed finish
  • Comfy yet hard-wearing half-canvas construction


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Going strong, two centuries on

Tweed Jacket 2.0

Here are the four snags that cropped up time and again with your other Tweed Jackets.


The fabric was of poor quality


The cut was old fashioned


The jacket lost its shape


The fabric pilled like mad

Built to last

An updated classic

Tweed’s a material with bundles of character from the get-go, so there was really no need to get over-elaborate with the cut on this one. We went for a subtly updated, modern take on the classic tweed jacket. It’s a bit sharper than the old gamekeeper’s go-to but with plenty of outdoorsy heritage woven in. It’ll look the part when you’re pootling around the Yorkshire Dales in a Defender, but thanks to that tailored shape, you won’t get mistaken for James Herriot.

Weather-ready wool

Top end tweed like ours might feel luxuriously soft, but rest assured: it’s got serious rough weather chops. Invented in Scotland in the early 19th century, tweed’s a thick, carded wool fabric that’s warm and dense enough to protect against both wind and rain. Which is likely why it went down so well with Britain’s perennially weather-beaten country folk, before it was adopted by the nobility. Since then it’s won the world over. An uplifting workwear to style icon fairytale, 200 years in the making.

It’s all in the weave

Tweed comes with a few little tricks up its characterful sleeves… First off, the wool used in tweed making is carded, rather than combed, which means that the magical natural oils that keep sheep so water-proof and warm stay right where they should be. That wool is then woven into a twill, a type of weave where the warp and weft threads cross each other in a staggered pattern. Not only does this give tweed its eye-catching diagonal texture it also makes the material stronger and more crease-resistant. And, for those fretting about bobbles, this stuff clocked an enviable 4.5/5 on the rub test.

Over the moon

A seriously good tweed jacket requires seriously good tweed. Obviously. That’s why we went to the fellows at Abraham Moon & Sons. They’ve been making standout fabrics on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales since 1837, using one of the last remaining vertical woollen mills in the country. As far as heritage goes, that’s hard to beat. For this jacket, they used 100% pure, new wool resulting in a tweed that’s ultra cozy without being too weighty.

Cut to it…

With the perfect tweed in hand, we went to town designing the jacket that’d do it justice. A subtly tailored fit, slim lapels and a shirt front mean it’ll sit just right. We added a vent in the back for extra ease of movement and welt pockets with flaps that can be tucked away if needs be. Last but not least, we opted for a semi-woven construction. Sounds technical, but it just means that we’ve built in tailor's canvas only on the upper front interior of the jacket, leaving the rear free and easy. The result? Plenty of structure and integrity, but the jacket’ll still hang naturally. Tidy, not uptight.


On the face of it, a material with as much texture and character as tweed might seem hard to pair… But therein lies one of the great tweed mysteries: somehow, it’s a true team player. Pair it up with work pants and a cable knit or Chelsea boots and a roll neck, tie and brogues or jeans and a button-down… the tweed jacket fits the bill. There’s a reason why it’s still just as popular with Hebridean shepherds as it is with the LA cocktail set.

Here’s the hard part

Just as there’s no need for bells and whistles with the cut when it comes to an icon like the tweed jacket, there’s no place for wince-inducing patterns or eye-watering colours either. We kept things classic. Navy, for those aiming at the smarter end of the spectrum, a green marl for the hill walkers among you, and a punchy herringbone for the’ 50s detective novel fans.

Clean as a whistle

Just because it’s got a couple of centuries of all-weather clout backing it up there’s no reason not to take good care of your tweed. When it needs a clean, lean on the professionals. We’d strongly recommend your trusted dry cleaner to give your jacket a once-over each spring, meaning all you have to do is slip it into the wardrobe to rest up until autumn.

Where there’s wool there’s a way

Want a jacket that’ll keep the cold and rain at bay? One that’ll work with 99% of your wardrobe? That pairs up centuries of heritage and character with an up-to-date shape? One that’s made to be worn, a reliable sidekick for everything from windswept walks to wintry weddings? Well, you’re in the right place. The Tweed Jacket’s here to change the way you do things, all you need to do is pick your colour.

All production steps for your Tweed Jacket

What goes into making your Tweed Jacket? The materials have travelled a total of 26,758 km (16,626 miles) from field to doormat.

Harvesting and preparing the wool

Farming cooperative New Zealand

Dyeing, spinning, weaving, washing

Abraham Moon & Sons UK

Garment make

Crialme Portugal


Road haulage

Environmental Impact

Our aim’s to give you as much information as possible on the clothes we make so you can make an informed decision before preordering. This includes the environmental impact of each Tweed Jacket we produce expressed in simple terms. There’s no point hiding from it:

64.74 kg

of CO2 emitted

The equivalent of 667.4 km (414.7 miles) by car.

5.61 g

of phosphor released in the water

The equivalent of growing 93.4 kg of potatoes.

403.23 MJ

energy depletion

The equivalent of 136.2 h of heating (in average flat).

No Sweat !

Deliveries & exchanges

We deliver worldwide, the cost of which is automatically calculated at checkout. For all deliveries to the UK, European Union countries, Switzerland and Norway we charge a flat fee of 9€. For other European countries we charge 15€, please check our FAQ for the full list of countries included. All other countries are charged at 25€.

Easy to change sizes

If you get the wrong size, fear not, we accept returns and exchanges. For orders in Europe these are free, and for countries, in the rest of the world we ask you to pay the return and we will take care of the cost of sending out an exchange. Just log into your Asphalte account and we’ll get that sorted.


Sure, we work hard on our products, but we won’t take it personally if, for whatever reason, you change your mind about the item you’ve preordered. We’re all friends here, you can be honest with us. So long as the item is in its original condition, with tags and packaging intact, you can send it back to us for a full refund. No worries.

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