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  • 100% recycled polyester, woven in France
  • Durable, quick-drying fabric
  • Made in Portugal
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100% recycled, 100% ready for action

Our quick-drying, hard-wearing swimming trunks

The problem with your swimming shorts


Terrible shape


They take ages to dry


Itchy net lining


They lose their colour

Dive in

Seriously shipshape

Our Swimming Trunks aren’t ultra-tight speedos, and they’re not big and baggy board shorts. Inspired by vintage swimming trunks from the glory days of laid-back beach-attire, they’re cut above the knee for a classic shape that works just as well when you’re clocking a few lengths at the local pool, or kicking back in the south of France.

Material world

Good swimming shorts need to be light, durable and quick-drying, so finding the right material for the job is crucial. We opted for a fabric made out of 100% recycled polyester. Not only is this stuff friendlier on the environment than regular polyester, but it also manages to be super light, without sacrificing strength. 

High and dry

You know the story—you go in the sea for three minutes, and you’re then stood around with wet shorts for the next three hours. Not ideal is it? To avoid this dire scenario, we coated our shorts with a water-resistant finish that makes those drips just roll right off. Perfect. 

Smooth operator

It’s a well known fact that itchy swimming trunks aren’t much no fun, so we made sure our mesh lining was smooth, soft and comfortable. On top of that it’s made from recycled plastic bottles. Isn’t technology brilliant? 

Sturdy seams

Thrashing about in the ocean and scrambling about on rocks can be pretty harsh on swimming shorts, so triple-stitched side-seams were a no brainer. What are these? Well, the clue is in the name—three rows of stitching to make some seriously sturdy seams. A classic feature of vintage work-wear, perfect for using on hardy beach gear.

Built to last

Bartacks are rows of stitches that help take the strain on key stress points. Another nifty detail taken from the world of work-wear—we used them on our pocket entries to help keep things reassuringly tough, even when you’re taking it easy.

Pockets a’plenty

There’s two handy hand pockets on the front, and a nice and secure velcro flap pocket on the back for your valuables. This pocket has a little button hole at the bottom to help the water drain out. The sea is good and everything, but there’s no need to carry half of it around with you.

Firmly secured

Everyone loves a good ol’ plunge off a diving board—but no one likes losing their shorts once they splash down. To keep your shorts firmly in place, we strengthened the elasticated waistband, meaning you can focus on perfecting the perfect Olympic-standard belly-flop.

Live and let dye

Sun, chloride and salt can cause colour to fade fast, so we made sure our dye was fully fixed and up to task. These shorts are made to last, so it only makes sense that the colour sticks around too.

Aprés-swim style

How are they made ?

Fully recycled

We know we’ve mentioned it a few times now, but we’re really pleased with our recycled polyester. You’re probably fully aware that there’s a fair bit of waste plastic knocking around at the moment, so transforming it into something functional and useful makes it as light on the planet as you floating in the pool.

French fabric

Our recycled polyester comes from the fine folk at Balas, in France. This is a family-run business that has been making forward-thinking fabrics for over a century, and are still at the forefront of the industry today. They most definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to working with recycled fabrics, and they’re great people to work with. Win win.

Made in portugal

The trunks are put together by Martoni in Portugal. This lot specialise in making sophisticated swim-wear, it made perfect sense to get them to put our Swimming Trunks together, and it’s safe to say they did a very, very good job of things. You could say it all went swimmingly...

Certified for splashdown

The Swimming Trunks are Standard 100 OEKO-TEX® certified. This is a big thing for us, and basically means that each detail has been tested and cleared for harmful substances. Always good to know.

Pick a colour

Hawaiian print

The head-turner.

Deliveries & exchanges

Delivery costs

We deliver worldwide. For orders in Europe, we charge a flat fee of 9€ irrespective of how much you order. For deliveries to the rest of the world, the cost is calculated on the weight and destination automatically at checkout.

Easy to change sizes

If you get the wrong size, fear not, we accept returns and exchanges. For orders in Europe these are free, and for countries, in the rest of the world we ask you to pay the return and we will take care of the cost of sending out an exchange. Just log into your Asphalte account and we’ll get that sorted.

Satisfied or your money back

It costs nothing to try

If you ever change your mind or the product doesn't meet your expectations when you receive it, all you have to do is send it back unworn and we'll refund you. Easy.

The Team

Four of us started Asphalte back in 2016. With a few years of experience in fashion under our belts, we wanted to make clothes, but not just any old clothes. Well-made clothes, designed to last, using great materials and made in good conditions. The guys we wanted to kit were our mates, who liked clothes but who weren't willing to go all out on a pair of jeans. We send them a survey to find out what they expected from a brand. Their answers were so enlightening that we opened the questionnaires up to everyone. Best decision we ever made.

Since then, you've been at the start of every clothes we make. We ask for your opinion on a product before we get busy with the design process, and that's the way forward for us.

We're not here to reinvent the wheel. We're here to make your wardrobe classics with the best materials and the best manufacturers. Above all, we're here to make things simple, stuff that you'll still be able to wear in ten years' time.

Over the last 4 years, we've gradually put together the dream team to make it happen on a larger scale. Today, there are 40 of us working to make your favourite clothes, in a quality that was once reserved for a handful of men.


We'd like to thank in particular all those who've helped make our Classic Shorts look good from every angle:


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