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Material: linen


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  • Choice of cotton and linen: two ultra-light materials
  • Breathable and breezy summer-ready fabrics
  • Extra comfortable semi-elasticated waistband


Material: linen

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Our clothes are made with your help—and every time we hit the drawing board to sketch out a new design, we like to put out the call for your input—asking what you want… and don’t want. Here’s how other Summer Trousers let you down in the past…

Here’s how other Summer Trousers let you down in the past…


They were too warm


They lost their shape


The cut was more miss than hit


They creased too easily

They’re free as a bird, and so are you.

Two materials, one fresh feeling

Two different weaves, yes, but both brim with freshness. That’s our pledge. A linen option for those who yearn for lightness, and a 100% cotton for the softies out there, complete with characterful irregularities in the spin and weave for that dry, rustic touch. Quite akin to the raw appeal of linen, truth be told.

Greetings, New Faces

Our fabrics haven’t had a makeover, but our supplier list has. Following the sad demise of the French mill Emanuel Lang, we’ve had to scout anew to find linen that meets our high standards. That journey has taken us to Italy. As for our cotton version, the fabric is woven in France courtesy of the familiar hands at Telatex.

Linen, The Clever Choice

Linen isn’t just light; it’s a champion at moisture wicking and, most importantly, it BREATHES. If you’re new to it, prepare to strike heatstroke off your summer list. Its premium natural qualities do mean it’s a tad pricier, hence the 109€ preorder tag, against cotton’s 89€.

Linen, But Not As You Know It

No need to fret about linen’s penchant for creasing or being somewhat see-through. Our linen is woven tight, boasting a density of 280g/m2, keeping you looking sharp and your dignity intact.

Cotton or Linen, Air is the Word

With linen weighing in at 280g/m2 and cotton at a breezy 240g/m2 thanks to a looser weave, both options promise unparalleled breathability.

The Ultimate Summer Tracksuit

After heeding your calls for a snug yet stylish fit, we’ve gone for a tapered cut that’s roomier at the thighs and snug at the ankles. It’s unbeatable for freedom of movement, without sagging like harem pants. Already a hit last summer with you all, it’s now making a comeback by popular demand.

Did Someone Whisper "Soft Tailoring"?

Absolutely. "Soft tailoring" evokes a sense of laid-back elegance. Think classic cut with a casual twist. That’s exactly where our Summer Trousers sit: sleek yet breathable and comfy. Spot on.

The Waistband

A top-notch, unassuming, and resilient elastic waistband ensures your Summer Trousers are always a perfect fit. Ideal for indulging in a few extra cuts off the barbecue this summer; it’ll accommodate your excesses with finesse.

Light Trousers, Heavy-Duty Finish

hey might feel as light as a feather, but we haven’t skimped on quality. Crafted to last through many a summer, with double stitching on the legs, waistband, and inside leg, these trousers, aren’t about to disappear like a summer fad.

A Summer of No Compromises

You craved the mobility of harem pants, the sophistication of chinos, and the coolness of shorts all rolled into one dapper package: meet the new era of Summer Trousers. The lovechild of sweatpants and suit trousers, they’re set to keep you looking suave and relaxed all summer long. Hats off to that.


Delivery costs

We deliver worldwide. For orders in selected European countries* including the UK, we charge a flat fee of 9€ irrespective of how many pieces of the same item you order. For deliveries in the rest of Europe and outside of the EU, the cost is 15€.

Easy to change sizes

If you get the wrong size, fear not, we accept returns and exchanges. For orders in Europe these are free, and for countries, in the rest of the world we ask you to pay the return and we will take care of the cost of sending out an exchange. Just log into your Asphalte account and we’ll get that sorted.


Sure, we work hard on our products, but we won’t take it personally if, for whatever reason, you change your mind about the item you’ve preordered. We’re all friends here, you can be honest with us. So long as the item is in its original condition, with tags and packaging intact, you can send it back to us for a full refund. No worries.

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