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  • Italian full grain leather
  • Italian high quality cushioned outsoles from Margom
  • Made in Portugal by shoe specialists
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Solid by name, solid by nature

Super-sleek sneakers made from Italian leather

You told us about your not so solid sneakers.


The leather snaps, crackles and pops


The outsoles can’t keep up


The seams give up


They’re too expensive

A leg up


We went for a full-grain leather and suede from Italy’s Mastrotto. Full-grain leather comes from the strongest and most flexible part of the hide-so you best believe this stuff is tough. Another thing we like about it is that rich patina it develops over time-meaning these shoes will look good, mile after mile.


It’s no surprise that the country known as ‘the boot’ has the best shoe suppliers. Margom makes super durable outsoles that have it all: comfort, looks and longevity. This sole’s sticking with you all the way.


Sneakers are made to move in—but all that jumping, running and strolling can often cause them to crack or split. We’ve worked hard on our design so that won’t be the case. Trainers shouldn’t wind up looking like broken vases after one quick jog to the bus stop.


Ankles put up with a lot of stick, so we added a cushioned cuff to keep them out of harm’s way. Looks can be deceiving—these low-profile trainers are big on comfort.


Removable natural-dye leather insoles with silicone interior? Welcome to the comfort zone. The leather keeps things smooth—socks or no socks—whilst that silicone keeps things bouncy and blister-free.


No one wants hot trotters, so we added some air ducts on the instep to give your feet a welcome breeze. Cool… comfortable… these beauties couldn’t be fresher if they came with a packet of Smints stashed under the tongue.


The Sneakers are made using an age-old shoe-making technique known as ‘the Strobel method’. This means that the inners are glued and sewn to the uppers with a thread you could hang a ski lift off… probably. It’s a classic method that keeps things both strong and flexible, making it the obvious choice for our Solid Sneakers.


Eyelets and laces aren’t talked about much, but they’re both very important. Our eyelets are made from metal, and our laces have been coated with a wax finish. End result—your laces won’t be ripping every five minutes.


We kept things strictly classic with our design. No daft logos, no zany colours and no gimmicky technology—just a clean, understated shape that’ll always look good, whether worn with shorts, jeans or chinos. Leave the space-shuttles to NASA.

Production step for your Solid Sneakers

What goes into making your Solid Sneakers.

Farming cooperatives


Mastrotto Italy

Environmental certification : ISO 14001
Social certifications : LWG GOLD, ISO 9001

The leather comes from Mastrotto, one of the great Italian leather suppliers. They’ve been perfecting their know-how for more than 60 years. and are known around the world for their flexible and durable leathers.



Perfect Eject Portugal


Road haulage.

Watch your step.

Our aim is to always give you as much information as possible on the clothes we make so you can make an informed decision before preordering. This includes the environmental impact of each pair of Solid Sneakers we produce expressed in simple terms that we can all easily understand. There’s no point hiding from it :

15.5 kg

of CO2 emitted

Equivalent to 160 kms (or 100 miles) travelled by car.

0.1 g

of phosphor released in the water

Equivalent to growing 1.4 kg of potatoes.

125 MJ

energy depletion

Or 42 hours electric heating (avg apartment).

No Sweat !

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If you ever change your mind or the product doesn't meet your expectations when you receive it, all you have to do is send it back unworn and we'll refund you. Easy.

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