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Beige Marl


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  • Characterful, 100% sustainable, pill-resistant, carded wool
  • Tight jersey knit that’ll keep its shape
  • Traditional fully-fashioned jumper for extra comfort

Beige Marl

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Texture takes centre stage

Attention lovers of beautiful fabrics, the Shetland Jumper’s here

The bummers you don't want with your jumpers


Material that pills


A knitted fabric that warps


A loose fit


Low-end fibre

A pure stunner

A little extra soul

Fan of textured fabrics? Well, here you go. The Shetland Jumper’s the best way to add character and personality to any outfit. Ultra-comfortable and super-easy to wear, all you have to do is slip it on to turn a thrown-together ensemble into an artful composition. What’s the trick? Ruffled, fluffy, carded wool and a knit that’s right on the money.

25’s the Magic Number

To create an exceptional jumper, you need an exceptional fibre. For this demanding job, we chose a fairly rustic wool with a diameter of 25 microns. That’s just the ticket if you want to combine texture, warmth, and strength for an authentic feeling Shetland jumper. Once spun, the result’s distinctive: shaggy without being rough and fluffy without being clingy. You’ll just have to imagine its magical feel, for now.

The miracle of carded wool

After shearing, this wool is washed and sorted. Basic stuff, so far. But the next step is carding, a centuries-old method that untangles the threads and remove impurities from the fibres. They used to use dried thistles for the job, we’ve come along a bit. The distinctive feature of carded wool is its puffy appearance, think candy floss lightness, with none of the sugar crash stickiness. We could have combed it to give it a smoother, more uniform appearance, but it was precisely carded wool’s shaggy look that appealed to us. So we left it as is.

All thrills, no pills

While carded wool’s a real eye-catcher with its full-bodied, dishevelled look, it can be prone to pilling. And that presented a bit of a problem, because you specifically asked us for a pill-free jumper. To keep the pills locked away we opted for a tight jersey knit that’s dense and compact, keeping you safe from bobbles (and warm) for a winters to come.

Fully-fashioned in Portugal

You told us to watch out for jumpers that twist at the side seams. Fair enough. We did away with the side seams altogether. That’s one way to fix things. How? Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment and expertise of our Portuguese partners at Malhas Ribeiro. They’ve mastered the art of 'fully-fashioned knitting', which allowed the jumper’s body to be assembled in a circular fashion, without any side seams in the mix. Obrigado!

Back in the saddle (sleeves)

Whether you're giving a toast, waving someone off from an island jetty or playing an endless game of catch with a high-energy nephew, you want to be able to lift your arms comfortably. That’s why we've fitted your Shetland Jumper with saddle sleeves. Like the raglan, they go all the way up to the neckline, but finish with a thinner band on the shoulder. Comfy, freeing, and even more character added to the Shetland’s already impressive line up.

Fit for a king, and you

You didn't want your jumper to be too loose or too tight: no worry, we went for the perfect middle ground. The fit of the Shetland Sweater’s very slightly tailored, so you can wear it over a T-shirt or shirt. It will suit all body shapes, and it’s true to size - no surprises on this one, just order your usual.

A handful of punchy colours

Want to add a little colour to your winter? No worry on that count. We’ve got your five chosen colours in the mix, the incredible texture of this carded wool enhancing the all of them. Navy, dark green, beige marl, yellow or grey marl: the palette’s set, and we're really struggling to say which one we prefer. Thankfully, that bit’s your problem.

Texture beyond words

You might have clocked: we've got a soft spot for the Shetland Jumper. We’ve tried to put its dreamy texture into words for you, hopefully we did it some justice. You'll understand when you touch it for the first time. With its mix of classicism, extravagance and functionality, the Shetland Jumper knows how to combine the practical with the pleasurable like few others in the wardrobe. Come winter it’ll make every outfit a winner.

All production steps for your Shetland Jumper

What goes into making your Shetland Jumper? The materials have travelled a total of 25,801 km (16,030 miles) from field to doormat.

Harvesting the wool

Farming cooperatives Argentina and New Zealand

Dyeing and Spinning

Yasse Tekstil Turkey

Weaving and garment make

Malhas Ribeiro & Silva Portugal


Boat and road haulage

Environmental Impact

Our aim is to always give you as much information as possible on the clothes we make so you can make an informed decision before preordering. This includes the environmental impact of each Shetland Jumper we produce expressed in simple terms that we can all easily understand. There’s no point hiding from it:

35.19 kg

of CO2 emitted

The equivalent of 362.8 km (225.4 miles) by car.

3.20 g

of phosphor released in the water

The equivalent of growing 53.3 kg of apples.

210.94 MJ

energy depletion

The equivalent of 71.3 of heating (in avg. flat).


Delivery costs

We deliver worldwide, the cost of which is automatically calculated at checkout. For all deliveries to the UK, European Union countries, Switzerland and Norway we charge a flat fee of 9€. For other European countries we charge 15€, please check our FAQ for the full list of countries included. All other countries are charged at 25€.

Easy to change sizes

If you get the wrong size, fear not, we accept returns and exchanges. For orders in Europe these are free, and for countries, in the rest of the world we ask you to pay the return and we will take care of the cost of sending out an exchange. Just log into your Asphalte account and we’ll get that sorted.


Sure, we work hard on our products, but we won’t take it personally if, for whatever reason, you change your mind about the item you’ve preordered. We’re all friends here, you can be honest with us. So long as the item is in its original condition, with tags and packaging intact, you can send it back to us for a full refund. No worries.

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