The Parka


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  • 100% cotton and water-repellent
  • Ripstop removable lining
  • Adjustable waist
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The Parka

Come rain, wind or just a light breeze you’re in good hands.

The main issues with your parkas


Not much effort put into the details.


The cut, don’t even get me started.


I bought a Parka, not a waterbed.


Someone turned off the heater in this Parka ?

The Parka for all seasons

Don't hang me out to dry

100% cotton outer layer. A two-ply high-twist yarn, 340 gr/m2 dense, with a water-repellent treatment. Our Parka keeps you dry. That’s the plumbing sorted. Also, the water-repellent treatment is fluoride-free means we didn’t use any nasty chemicals in the process. 

Quality treat

We opted for a strong Ripstop lining. Ripstop by name, Rip-stop by nature. We also packed the padding with recycled polyester fiber. Warm, comfortable quilting. That’s the heating fixed.

The lining's your ally

A removable lining, so you have one up on the weather in all seasons.We’ve used indestructible YKK zips so easy you could remove the lining in your sleep. It’s also attached to the sleeves by strong American press-buttons, so it won’t try to follow you out every time you take it off.

Director's cut, another take please

As you very poetically put it, your old coat’s cut is not great. We designed ours with a majestic straight cut, leaving enough of room for a parka or a jacket underneath. Versatile.

Striking a cord

We called on the experienced French textile champions SATAB, to make the adjustable cord. You can draw it closed to keep you warm when it’s particularly cold or simply adjust the fit to the style you like.

Undercover : Pop the collar & hood

We’ve made a high double-ended collar with press snaps for extra protection. The hood is lined too and has a buckle so you can adjust it. 

Now you can sing those high notes and not fear the consequences of the rainfall.

Essential details

We didn’t spare any detail. Double-header YKK zipping which you can open and close both ways so you won’t have to do any gymnastics while getting on your bike. We put a flap over the zip for extra protection against the cold and rain, and secured the all front buttons with backing buttons.

Practical Parka

You don’t want to carry a bag. That’s fine, you can fit all your essentials in the 2 diagonal welt pockets and 2 flap pockets. The lining’s got one inside pocket too, to hide your dearer essentials.  

Hide the seams

We put extra care into the finishing touches. The seams are all concealed behind piping so that the Parka looks just as good on the inside as the outside and makes it as durable as possible.

Quick summary

Our Parka will keep you warm in winter thanks to the extra lining, which can be removed in spring when it gets warmer. Either way you’ll stay dry thanks to the water-repellent fabric. It’s a practical and versatile coat with carefully designed details and a straight fit, adjustable at the waist. But we couldn’t have done it without your help and that of our star suppliers and manufacturers. 

Credit to them


Cotton up

The outer layer is made with cotton from India and Turkey. It’s then sent to Beste in Italy where it’s woven and dyed.

Internal affairs

The Ripstop lining is made in Taiwan, with a partner of our French agent Pelintex, who made sure we could access the best quality lining at a competitive price. Furthermore, the Ripstop is certified OEKO-TEX, so no nasty products for you or the environment were used in the process.

Traceable label

We packed the lining with recycled polyester fiber to keep you warm. The fiber is GRS certified (Global Recycle Standard) as in recycled according to regulations and respectful of the environment. 

Our philo-sofia

We need to be able to trust every step of the production and make sure it respects all labour and environmental regulations. Our Bulgarian partner Mirvana, who takes care of assembling the Parka and its lining passed the UN’s OIOS audit. That means that they meet the requirements for health & safety and fair labour.


Military Green

Blend into woodland with our military green Parka.

No Sweat !

Delivery costs

We deliver worldwide. For orders in France, the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain we charge a flat fee of 9€ irrespective of how much you order. For all deliveries outside these countries, be that in the rest of Europe or beyond, the delivery cost is calculated automatically at checkout depending on the weight and destination.

Easy size change

If you get the wrong size do not fear, we accept exchanges. For orders in France, the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain this is free, and for all other countries we ask you to pay the return and we take care of cost of sending out the replacement. Just log into your Asphalte account and we’ll get that sorted for you.

It costs nothing to try

If for whatever reason you change your mind no worries. Just return your order to us in the condition that you received it and we’ll refund you. Simple.

The team

Back in 2016, 4 of us started Asphalte. Together we had some good experience in  fashion, designing, producing and running a brand but we wanted to do this differently. We wanted to make durable clothes that were made to last, from amazing materials in good working conditions.

We wanted to create a brand for were our mates, people who love clothes but aren’t ready to take out a loan to buy a pair of jeans. So we sent them a questionnaire to find out exactly what they wanted and the answers were so enlightening that we opened it up to everyone. And that became how we do things - by asking you.

Ever since you’ve all been at the centre of our decision-making. The starting point of our creative process is asking you want you like/dislike, want/don’t want and that’s never going to change. We’re not looking to reinvent the wheel. We’re here to make the best possible versions of all the classics you could possibly want in your wardrobe using the best materials and manufacturers. Above all, we’re here to keep things simple, to make durable clothing that will last without looking out of place in 10 years time.

Over 4 years we’ve put together a ridiculous team to blow it up. Today there’s 23 of us all with the shared mission of making your favourite cloths in a quality that until now has been the reserved of the select few who could afford it. Now we all can.

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