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  • 100% virgin Merino wool
  • An inside pocket you can securely close
  • Buttons that stay put


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The problems you've had with your overcoats in the past.


Fit’s too restrictive or up-tight


Buttons go AWOL


Pilled like no one’s business


Pockets gave way

Times change, the perfect overcoat doesn’t

Flawless fabrics

You could have the most flattering overcoat in the world, but if it doesn’t keep you warm, what’s the point? That’s why we opted for pure, heavy-duty, 520g/m2, virgin Merino wool. Fabric that’s more than hefty enough to keep out those pesky draughts, and on top of that, it’s 100% traceable. Good fibres, good vibes.

Thank you carding

We took an extra step with that lovely virgin wool: we carded it. That means that the fibres were untangled before being aligned in the same direction prior to weaving. This process gives the finished material more volume and airiness, upping the character stakes and offering more breathability and better insulation against the elements.

Banish the bobble

An overcoat goes from smart to scruffy pretty quickly once the fabric starts to bobble, or ‘pill,’ to use the technical term. This material was made with precisely this in mind, using a clever felting process that condenses the fabric. No wonder it passed a rigorous lab pilling test with flying colours. It also clocked a pretty impressive 4.5/5 on the rub test. Now that’s smooth.

The shape of things to come

This sort of coat hides almost everything else you’ve got on, so it has to look the part. If an overcoat’s cut right, it can be one of the most flattering things you can own, and ours certainly is — with subtle shaping around the waist and a studied length that stops at just the right mid-thigh spot. It’ll give the impression of that much coveted ‘V-shaped’ torso, even if yours is more of an ‘O-shaped’ one. Don’t worry, we’re all O’s here too.

Time to get shirty

We’ve gone with a workwear-inspired shirt collar for the Overcoat. It’s a classic look that offers a little extra character, opening down to the chest for a slightly more rugged look. It also features a dog-ear construction and fusing, so it’s super solid and can be worn turned up.

The hardest button to button

Winter coats come on and off, and on and off again all day. That means they need buttons that are going to weather serious use. Ours will hold up to heavy rotation as they’re securely fastened with counter buttons, so you won’t have to watch them pinging off down a drain cover any time soon. And they’re all 100% natural. For the camel Overcoat we opted for marbled beige corozo buttons, for the other three colours we plumped for dark brown bio-based buttons.

We picked the right pockets

Most of us take pockets for granted. They’re always there for us when we need somewhere to warm our hands, store our change, hide our hankies. What would we ever do without them? Well, sadly it sounds like a lot of you had to find out when your last overcoat’s pockets gave way… To avoid that fate, we chose a 180g/m2 cotton twill for our pocket bags, so your valuables (and hands) can stay safe.

You ask, we deliver

“I love this coat, so much so that if you offer more cool colours I might get another..." - Amaury

Amaury, it looks like today’s your day, because we're offering up a brand new mottled brown Overcoat:

That’ll sit nicely alongside our three tried and tested colours:

  • Navy
  • Camel
  • Charcoal

Hooray for democracy

As an added bit of trivia for you, this overcoat represents the first time we’ve developed a pattern entirely from scratch, guided by your crucial feedback from those ever-important surveys. More than 7,000 of you weighed in on the initial design. This isn’t just an overcoat, it’s outerwear democracy in action… And the results speak for themselves. But don’t just take our word on that:

“ This coat sits in the Goldilocks zone, it's neither too heavy nor too light, nor does it feel too warm or too cold, and it's perfectly tailored! It goes well over a jacket or jumper, or even just with a shirt, and you'll never feel cold. I've worn it all winter and it's my favourite piece. What's more, for commuting cyclists, this coat won't get in the way on your bike." - Armando

"It's 2.30 am, I work nights, but I can't wait until the weekend so I can wear my coat. I think it's a sign..." - Raphaël

So there you have it: an overcoat that’s been designed for you, and by you. What’s not to like?

All the production steps for your Overcoat:

What goes into making your Overcoat? The materials have travelled 9,657 km (6,000 miles) from field to doormat.

Harvesting the wool

Abelusi Shepherds South Africa

Social certifications : Abelusi Wool

Preparing the wool

Mediterranean Wool Industries S.A. Egypt

Environmental certifications: GRS

Spinning the wool

Filatura Di Spicciano Italy


Lanificio Paultex Srl Italy

Environmental certifications: GRS

Dyeing and washing

Penta - Rif Srl (In.Tes.Pra) Italy


Carjobel Modas Lda Portugal


Road Haulage.

Environmental Impact

Our aim is to always give you as much information as possible on the clothes we make so you can make an informed decision before preordering. This includes the environmental impact of each Overcoat we produce expressed in simple terms that we can all easily understand. There’s no point hiding from it:

81.44 kg

of CO2 emitted

Equivalent of 839.6 kms (521.7 miles) by car.

7 g

of phosphor released in the water

Equivalent to growing 116.7 kg of apples.

569.52 MJ

energy depletion

Equivalent to 192.4 hours electric heating (avg. flat).


Delivery costs

We deliver worldwide. For orders in selected European countries* including the UK, we charge a flat fee of 6€ or 9€ irrespective of how many pieces of the same item you order. For deliveries in the rest of Europe and outside of the EU, the cost is 15€.

Easy to change your size

If you get the wrong size, fear not, we accept returns and exchanges. For orders in Europe these are free, and for countries, in the rest of the world we ask you to pay the return and we will take care of the cost of sending out an exchange. Just log into your Asphalte account and we’ll get that sorted.

It's a risk-free investment

Sure, we work hard on our products, but we won’t take it personally if, for whatever reason, you change your mind about the item you’ve preordered. We’re all friends here, you can be honest with us. So long as the item is in its original condition, with tags and packaging intact, you can send it back to us for a full refund. No worries.

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