The Gift Card

  • It doesn't pill
  • It doesn't shrink in the wash
  • It lasts forever, just like our clothes

Choosing presents is a gift


You leave it until the last minute


Never the right thing for the right person


You end up buying any old thing


Cringe... smile... it just gets worse every Christmas

Acquire the gift of gifting

Never disappoint again

With our gift cards, people can choose whatever they want in their own time, and like our clothes, they don't expire.

How to go about it.

1 - Calibrate your generosity

In 2 mins you'll metamorphose into a master gifter. Just choose the amount you want to put on your gift card at check out.

2 - Give it a name

You've just committed a very generous act, you'll want to remember this moment, so give it a name. This also means that you'll know which one's which if you're on a roll and bought a couple.

3 - Print it

Having wrapping-up withdrawal symptoms? As long as there's toner, you can print it.

4 - Attract attention

Bows, ribbons, bells and whistles - you can really go to town.

5 - It won't go unnoticed

Hide it, send it, have it burst out of a 6-foot cake - either way it's going to get noticed.

6 - Reap the rewards

Bask in the glory you master gift-giver, you.

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