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  • Handmade in Portugal
  • Hardwearing, comfortable, chunky soles
  • Ultra-robust Goodyear welt construction


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Time for a re-boot


Leather wasn’t up to scratch


Soles were wafer-thin


Discomfort built-in


Toes so pointy they’d have your eye out

Start walkin’!

Tough stuff, and smooth to boot

Let’s start at the beginning of our boot story: selecting a leather. We’ve cut our Chelsea Boots from beautiful cowhide supplied by Boaventura, the same lot who supplied us when it was time to make our suede Derby Boots. They’re a legendary and reliable tannery, who’ve been producing and working beautiful leather for over 60 years in the heart of Portugal.

Sole of the party

The outsole’s usually the hardest working part of any shoe. Imagine spending your waking days sandwiched between your feet and the pavement, cobbles, escalator steps, dirt paths… The list goes on. It’s a thankless, low-glamour task, and not one that every sole is up to. That’s why we went for thicker soles for this version of the Chelsea Boots. Sourced in Portugal, they're just as solid as the old ones, but a little thicker, so they can cushion your every step for even longer.

Weather the storm

When it comes to soles, a Goodyear welt is a gold-plated sign of quality. It adds to the shoe’s overall durability, as well as meaning it can easily be resoled, should the time come. This time round we've moved away from the storm welt mount, to the simpler Goodyear. Why? Well, it’s still ready to weather those storms, but it’s got a slimmer profile, meaning you get all the toughness without an overly chunky-looking sole. That leaves the Chelsea Boot’s refined lines intact.

Answer the siren song

We’ve all been there: wanting Chelsea Boots, yearning for them, but fretting they’re ‘not your thing’. We can assure you that joining this club isn’t something you’ll regret. Versatile enough to add some edge to your smartest get up, or to scrub- up a casual ensemble, these’ll last you a lifetime and go with anything you care to throw their way.

Get to the point

If you’re finally taking the Chelsea Boot plunge, congratulations. But it’s not a decision without risk: there’s a chance you might end up with a pair that is closer to winkle-pickers than the famed Chelsea boot profile. But relax, there’s no such risk here. We’ve gone for a happy medium: not too pointed, not too rounded. The result: classic Chelsea look, and a perfect fit — unless you have exceptionally pointy feet that is.

Put it on my tab

If you think Chelsea Boots are difficult to put on, think again. We’ve built in a reinforced grosgrain heel tab for you to hold onto. Just grab these, step into your boots, and away you go. No swearing, hopping about, or treading down that lovely leather. Looking good, made easy.

While we’re on the subject of comfort,

Looking good’ll only get you so far, you need to feel good too. That’s why we’ve added additional padding to our insoles for these, particularly around the heel — which takes the lion’s share of punishment. That means you can be on your feet all day without having to crawl to a chiropodist at the end of it.


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Easy to change your size

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It's a risk-free investment

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