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Cookies are trackers which are stored in and/or read on your device when visiting a website, for example.

When you first visit the Site, you are informed, via an information banner, that certain data about your browsing is likely to be processed via Cookies and you are informed of the procedure to obtain your consent to this effect.

This Cookie Policy stipulates the different purposes of these Cookies (1) and explains the procedure to follow to configure them (2).

1 - The different Cookies on the Site

Cookies exempt from your consent, required for the functioning of the Site

These Cookies are required for the proper functioning of the Site and for browsing on the Site. They allow you to access the Site's main functionalities.

In accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL, these cookies do not require your prior consent. You may object to them and remove them via your browser settings; however, your experience when visiting the Site is likely to be severely affected.

ASPHALTE uses the following Cookies on its Site:

Cookie de session

Finalité : utilisés afin de maintenir l’état de l’application

Durée de conservation : Le temps nécessaire à l’exploitation de la session

Cookie d’identifiants de session

Finalité : strictement nécessairement au fonctionnement du Site qui ont pour finalité de maintenir votre session suite à votre identification
Durée de conservation : Le temps nécessaire à l’exploitation de la session

Cookie de préférence

Finalité : collectent des informations relatives à vos choix et préférences et permettent d’enregistrer la langue ou d’autres paramètres locaux afin de personnaliser votre expérience de visiteur du Site.

Durée de conservation : Le temps nécessaire à l’exploitation de la session

Cookie de validation de la commande

(Cookies Shopify : cart_currency, cart_sig, secure_customer_sig, storefront_digest)

Finalité : utilisés afin de maintenir les articles que vous avez présélectionnés en vue de les acheter, et de valider votre commande
Durée de conservation : Le temps nécessaire à l’exploitation de la session

Third-Party Audience Measurement Cookies

These Cookies are used, with your consent if applicable, to assess the use of the Site by collecting information about your browsing. This information is collected to measure the Site's audience and to create statistics with the aim of improving the quality of the services provided by the Site.

ASPHALTE uses Google Analytics, Klaviyo and Shopify to collect information about your use of the Site.

For more information about these cookies, please read more about their conditions of use via the following links:

In addition, you can manage and disable these Cookies directly in your browser via the following link:

Third-Party Advertising Cookies

These Cookies are used with your consent if applicable, to present you with offers and information which are tailored to your interests while you are browsing online.

Refusing to accept these cookies has no impact on the use of the Site. However, even if you refuse advertising cookies, advertising will still be visible when browsing. This will only result in advertisements which do not reflect your interests or preferences.

2 - How to configure Cookies?

As stated in the information banner relating to Cookies, when you continue browsing the Site's pages, you acknowledge that you have expressly given your consent for the Site's cookies to be stored and read.

In the aforementioned cases, for which your consent is required to store and/or read Cookies, your consent is only valid for a period of thirteen (13) months from the first time the Cookie is stored on your device, unless you withdraw your consent or exercise your right to object. Once this time has elapsed, your consent will, if necessary, be requested again during a subsequent visit to the Site.

In addition, most browsers are configured by default to allow cookies to be stored.

Your browser gives you the option to modify these standard settings, to delete existing cookies stored on your device and to notify you if new cookies are likely to be stored on your device.

However, if you choose to disable Cookies via your browser, this may affect your browsing on the Site.

To express or change your preferences, click on the help menu or the dedicated section of your browser. You can find out more information on the following pages:

For more information about Cookies and your rights, you can also visit the CNIL's website:

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