Trunks that do the job, at last

March 25, 2022

Say goodbye to perma-damp, ill-fitting trunks

Once summer arrives swimming trunks stop being just swimming trunks. They become swimming, relaxing, having-a-stroll-along-the-beach-followed-by-dinner trunks… Considering just how much action they get once the sun’s out, trunks really don’t get the recognition they deserve. Or at least, they didn’t, until now.

- Like you, we were bored of ill-fitting, short-lived trunks that stayed wet for hours, leaving you uncomfortable and pool-side bar stools damp. So, with your invaluable input, we decided to fix swimming trunks. Gaze upon the results.

- With a svelte fit, the Best Swimming Trunks aren’t the clingy speedos of school swimming lesson nightmares, nor the shapeless, shin-length board shorts of sartorially ill-judged teendom. They are cut in a classic, above the knee shape that works, whether you are doing lengths, some casual poolside keepy-ups, or simply relaxing in the sun.

- A stylish cut is of little use if the material is shoddy - so we opted for 100% recycled polyester, meaning these trunks aren’t just light, strong, and better for wearing, they are better for the environment too. The material is also hydrophobic, which means that—unlike cotton for example—it dries fast, so you get comfortable fast.

- We also had a go at rehabilitating that dreaded mesh lining, a perennial let-down with trunks. Ours is soft and comfortable, and as if that weren’t enough to tempt you, it’s made from recycled plastic bottles: après-swim conversation matter built-in! We’ve thought of everything.

Available in salmon stripes, Hawaiian print and paisley blue, as well as classic navy and olive, there are options for all aquatic tastes. And what’s more, the hard-wearing material and sturdy stitching means that unlike those pallid swimmers of the past that perished after a few salt-water outings, these won’t lose their oomph after one summer.

Style, comfort and quality are (at last) united in the realm of swimwear. You will thank us once the summer rolls around.

When does the fun start? Well, the answer is: next Tuesday at 10 am (CET) when preorders start. You can sign up to get notified if you want to be first out there, baggsying your metaphorical sun lounger.

The Best Swimming Trunks are priced at 69€ and you can expect yours to arrive around end of May, if you get that preorder in sharpish.

Need to know anything else? Ask away via the comments below, or alternatively, you can check our international Instagram page for more info.


The Asphalte Team

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