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July 15, 2022

Combine moleskin twill with a rugged workwear great, what do you get? A stone cold classic.

Picture the scene, it’s a warm morning in the mid 1930s: you are riding alongside John Steinbeck, through a warm California valley - perhaps one that will inspire a forthcoming book… East of Eden or The Pastures of Heaven perhaps? Who knows. All you do know is that he’s looking every bit the erudite, outdoors-y author. Tousled hair reluctantly parted, face weatherbeaten, cigarette jammed in the corner of his mouth. And what’s he wearing? That’s right… An effortlessly stylish moleskin work jacket, with notepad in pocket, of course.

The moleskin work jacket is an undeniable classic. But where do the moles come into it, you might be asking? Well, moleskin is a cotton twill that’s been brushed for a velvety soft effect, a finish as close as humans can get to the velvety touch of a mole’s fur. Combine this heavenly fabric with the impeccable credentials of the work jacket, and you have a recipe for an all-time great.

Vintage looks with a tidy cut, top-notch pockets, and the best moleskin you can get - without harming actual moles…

- You know us. We love workwear. We love vintage. Sadly, one thing you run into with lots of vintage workwear jackets is a fit closer to that of a two-man tent than something you might actually want to pop on. You wanted that authentic feeling, but with a modern fit. So that’s exactly what we’ve made. The silhouette is neat and tailored, not too baggy, not too slim.

- When you put some money into your savings, you want it to still be there next time you check. Simple enough, right? Pockets are meant to do a similar job, only, they’re not always up to the task. One of the charms of the traditional work jacket is its big patch pockets, but these aren’t always the most secure. Thankfully, there’s a simple enough solution. We added press studs to our pockets so they close. We also taped the pocket openings to reinforce them and keep them looking crisp, no matter what you shove in them.

- With all that effort going into the cut and the pockets - we’d be mad to slack on the moleskin itself. We sourced the material for this one in Portugal. We went for a 333g/m2 moleskin, made by the fabric wizards par excellence over at TMG. This is seriously lux twill, and like all moleskin materials it’s water-repellent. We piled quality on in the details department too with Italian horn buttons. Not only are they hard-wearing, but they look a treat.

- We’ve given you more choice than those 19th century French artisans had… With Camel, Navy and Black to pick from, you can break away from that well-trodden Bleu de Travail path.

Summary :

So there you have it. A moleskin work jacket that nods to the item’s hard-wearing heritage, marries up vintage lines with a modern cut, trumps the moleskin competition and has pockets secure enough to keep your stuff yours. Call John, saddle up the ponies, get that moleskin worn in.

And you can get yours from next Tuesday 19th June, from 10 am sharp for 109€.

If you want first dibs, you can drop your info in the box below and we’ll be sure to notify you when you can grab one.

Need to know anything else? Ask away via the comments below, or alternatively, you can check our international Instagram page for more info.


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