The woollen jacket just got a makeover

September 09, 2022

Consider jackets fixed!

A jacket: a garment for the upper body, usually having a front opening, collar, lapels, sleeves, and pockets. So goes the definition. Sure, this one meets the definition, but we decided to take it up by a few notches, on your cue. Over and above, as is our way.

Your cues started with the issues you told us you were fed up with. 696 of you told us most woollen jackets:

- Look outdated

- Wear out too quickly

- Make you sweat buckets

- Don’t keep you warm like they should

Given the price tag attached to some jackets, they really shouldn’t leave you lukewarm, luke-satisfied or looking like Luke the retired Geography teacher. So, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work making a Jacket that really does the job, and then some. Make way for the official partner of your many winters to come.

More than just a warm-up

On the material side of things, we’re talking 100% virgin wool, weighing in at a comforting 567g/m2. We did our homework, as you would expect, and this is the optimal weight: dense enough to keep you warm in the depths of winter, but a material smart enough to stay breathable, because you don’t want to be wearing a portable sauna. That’s the great thing about what we in the bizz call “thermoregulating” material. In fact - the wool’s so smart that we could add a nice liner under the outer layer without fretting about cooking our customers - give the Wool Jacket the comfort levels of your most toasty of blankets.

We’ll assume you’re familiar with some of our other winter heavy-hitters, namely the cosy Parka and the tough Wool Work Jacket. You could think of it as a slightly more dressy version of the Work Jacket or as an ideal partner to a heavy-duty parka. Take your pick.

Hip hip hooray!

An alternative to those lengthier winter coats, our Wool Jacket stops around the waist leaving your hips free for ease of movement. We also took pains to ensure a tidy cut, and - as requested - one that allows you to layer up underneath, without looking like you just ripped off your local supermarket.

Back in the workshop, that means we tailored the hem and cuffs to keep things neat and modern, a far cry from the usual loose ribbings of old, while nodding to some cult pieces we all like. Discretely elegant.

Open party!

We could wax lyrical about the neat collar, the tidy pockets on discrete display, or the intense colours… But we wanted to leave some stuff to shout about next Tuesday, when we do the big reveal… So you’ll just have to wait to hear the rest.

So our Wool Jacket is gearing up for preorders next Tuesday, 13 of September. Sign up below to get notified when preorders kick start. First come first serve.

Even a perfectly designed and expertly made jacket can, of course, just… be the wrong size or colour. If your order doesn't work out as you’d hoped, fear not! Returns and exchanges are easy and to make matters easier for you, the cost of the return is on us.

Need to know anything else? Drop it in the comments below or check our international Instagram page for the answer. Possibly.


The Asphalte Team

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