The Ultimate Jeans and You

June 03, 2022

Write your own never-ending story.

Who needs a cast of for-hire A-listers to talk about the benefits of great denim when you can just ask the people who actually wear our Ultimate Jeans what’s so great about them?

We launched the first version of the Ultimate Jeans way back in 2018. Since then, they’ve become an Asphalte favourite, warmly welcomed by some 40,000 of you. Not bad going.

Four years on, we wanted to pay tribute to these jeans, by showing you how these faithful, sturdy pieces of top-quality denim have evolved with their owners.

So that’s why we made this video, dig in…

When it comes to jeans, patina refers to the marks, whorls, scuffs and irregularities that start to emerge after serious wear and successive washes. A good patina is something denim-heads take very seriously, and each pair of jeans will have its own, unique look.

The patina of your jeans is a testimony to the way you make them your own, the way you move, the way you work. Patina is what makes your jeans different to the next fella’s. Think of patina as a denim-y fingerprint, it has evolved with your lifestyle and reflects your personality.

Take this pair of our Ultimate Jeans for example. They’re from the very first batch we made. They belong to Will, the founder of Asphalte, who’s been wearing them pretty much non-stop for four years now. Ballpark figure, that’s about 800 wears.

And they’re still going strong:

The pair below belong to Rod, our head of marketing. They’re from our 2019 release, so a little younger than Will’s, but boasting all the characterful patina you might expect from three years of loving, real-life wear.

This is why we chose a super hard-wearing denim for our Ultimate Jeans, material that can last for years. It is in fact a Japanese selvedge denim that weighs in at 14oz. That’s heavier than your average, preventing any premature tears and allowing that patina we yearn for years to develop.

The twill is woven on old shuttle looms that make narrower rolls with a more rustic feel than that created by modern looms. To the eye, that means this beautiful denim has a ruggedness of finish that lends character before you even get to breaking them in.

So here’s what they look like new :

And here’s 4 years down the road.

But a good pair of Jeans isn’t just about the denim. It’s also about attention to details and getting the finishing touches just right. Things like the extra stitching on the inside legseams, the belt loops secured with bartacks so they don’t give up and leave you with your trousers down.

And last, but far from least: there’s the cut. We went for a nice tailored fit that gives just enough room around the thighs while keeping the overall look sharp as a tack.

In short: a tailored cut, not too fitted, far from baggy. Optimal comfort.

So, for all the above reasons, we’re confident in saying that these jeans are going to be your go-to compadre for years to come. Not only will they not let you down, they will actually improve, developing character along the way, just like you.

And the really good news? They are now available to preorder for 99€ and come in four finishes: Raw, Rinse, Stone and Black.

While we have your attention: shortly we will be welcoming some new colours and finishes to the Ultimate Jeans family:

Not the ice white jeans of Miami Vice-themed nights out, a cooler, easier tone, perfect for summer or mid-season. But don’t let us tell you when to wear them, they could brighten up your winter too.

A faded black, softer than the raw version.

These two will be added to the Ultimate Jeans line up from June 7th. You can sign up to get notified and make sure you don’t miss their arrival.

Good luck getting to know your new jeans, for years to come

The Asphalte Team

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