The Perfect Pop-up

April 21, 2023

The Asphalte site, but IRL

So why go brick-and-mortar after all those years of digital-only? Simple really. It was about time we put a face to a name.

Many of you have asked us over the years for the chance to try out our clothes before buying them. And we get it. Ordering online isn’t always easy. Any doubt about an item’s size and your purchase goes up in a puff of digital smoke. And not just for you, we also rarely get to meet anyone in the flesh and trade stories. So when we had our yearly head scratch about 2023, our 7th year in business, we thought we’d take the plunge and try out a full-blown store for a bit.

And, as with all Asphalte success stories, our Paris pop-up shop was created with the help of our loyal customers. We asked our French folks to tell us exactly what they wanted, and then we got to work making it happen. All the usual processes that you’re familiar with, only with a shop this time.

We opened the doors on the 8th of April, and it’s been great meeting so many Asphalte customers, with already 10,000 of you making it here in barely 2 weeks.

So even if you can’t make it, let your friends know. There’s loads of Asphalte gear in-store, everything from prototypes to older items you’d probably thought you’d long since missed out on.

Get a feel for the materials, cuts, and fits you usually only get to see online. Try on our jeans, test our sneakers, see why we called T-shirt Perfect… but most importantly get to know us, and why we do what we do, better.

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So, if you’re in Paris, swing by 126 rue de Turenne. We’re sticking around until the 4th of June.

The Perfect Pop-Up store, open:

  • 11 am - 7.30 pm Monday to Friday
  • 10 am - 8 pm Saturdays
  • 11 am - 6 pm Sundays

It sounds a bit naff, but this pop-up store wouldn’t be the Perfect Pop-up without you.

Until then, Asphalte.

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