The Hoodie - Your Sturdy Sidekick

July 29, 2022

Where is any man, really, without his Hoodie?

Think of the Hoodie as your trusted sidekick. The Garth to your Wayne, the Silent Bob to your Jay, the Goose to your Maverick (but with a happier ending).
The Hoodie is an essential. An unfailing garment that should see you through life’s trials and tribulations and withstand the test of time. When done right, it’s practical, it’s useful, it’s comforting, it’s reliable. When done really right, it never goes out of style.
Well - we did ours really right. Because sidekicks put up with quite a lot, we’ve made our Hoodie using a seriously durable fabric that won’t lose its shape or lose its colour. This is a hoodie you can depend on for years to come.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

The Hoodie went down a storm last time, but we know some of you missed the opportunity to snag one. So we did what we do best - listen to all of you, and we’re bringing the Hoodie back for another bash.

We’re pretty sure Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t have relied on Dr. Watson if he kept putting his foot in it, and we know you lot won’t be fooled by a bad hoodie in disguise. We asked you what you wanted us to look out for during the design process. As always, you gave great feedback and we made the Hoodie to your liking.

1 - Top-quality fabric 
2 - Slick design
3 - Retains its shape
4 - Strong colours that won’t fade

Some things never change

Hoodies need to fit nicely. Unless you’re still watching that breakdancing VHS from your teen years or trying to relive Reading Festival 2002, you probably don’t want your hoodie to be hanging to your knees. We fine-tuned the sizing to make sure our Hoodie has a neat fit. That means it's great for doing exercise in, but also looks sharp when you’re out and about. We might not recommend it for formal dinners, but it should more than do the trick for any event up to that point on the smart chart.

Sidekicks often take a bit of a beating, so they need to be pretty resilient. You don’t see Robin falling at the first hurdle, do you? Well, the same goes for Hoodies. That’s why we incorporated a horizontal cut panel which ensures the Hoodie stays exactly how you bought it. And in the name of durability, we added elastane to the ribs and cuffs to give you some stretch when you need it and to help fight off those nasty drafts.

Keeping it comfy

Let’s be honest. You might be reading this and thinking of all the exercise you could do in the Hoodie (if you are, we’re impressed), but we bet some of you are dreaming about all the lounging you could do. Of course, mooching about in a hoodie is not a pleasant experience if the material is scratchy, bobbly or giving up the ghost after just a few washes. That’s why we chose 100% organic cotton from Turkey, certified to the highest organic textile standard in the world. So as you slurp on your hot cocoa in front of Netflix, you can rest assured that you’re not only supremely comfy, you are also wearing something that’s been made in a fair, respectful way. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you that this Hoodie will be the best napping companion you ever did buy, we also brushed the fabric on the reverse for extra warmth and comfort. Our Hoodie scored a whopping 4.5/5 for pilling in the lab. So there. Consider bobbles beaten.

A weighty win

While we’re on the subject of this gobsmacking material, it’s worth noting that we’ve also paid special attention to its weight. It’s important that the Hoodie is heavy enough so you don’t catch a chill, but not so heavy that it’ll smother you like an over-perfumed aunt you haven’t seen for a while. We did some hoodie rocket science, and it turns out the dream fabric weight is 500g/m2. So, thats’ what we made this from.

This hoodie’s a goodie

Whether you’re reaching for the remote or hopping over hurdles, the Hoodie will let your body move and breathe with ease thanks to the two 1x1 ribbed side panels. This allows for extra movement and flexibility and we’ve also sewn the whole garment with flatlock seams to increase your range of motion and ensure the Hoodie doesn’t feel too bulky.

A young joey’s dreams

While those poor hands of yours may often be neglected by the majority of your clothes, nothing goes amiss under our watch. We brushed the inside of the kangaroo pouch so that your hands will be as snug as bugs in a rug. Or as jammy as a joey in its pouch… you get the idea. And you can fill that pocket to your heart’s content because the tough, triangular stitching means it can hold a great deal without giving way.

The final flourish

Last but most certainly not least, the Hoodie’s prize possession, the icing on the cake, the crème de la crème… the hood. The Grim Reaper wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without a good hood. And while you’re hopefully in a different line of work to that fella, it was important that our hood was particularly good.  To start, we sandwiched an extra layer of bias tape when we sewed the hood onto the neck to keep it, quite literally, on top of things. Its weight means that it will look good while down and won’t fly off your head with each gust of wind, especially when you adjust it with the cord and embroidered rivets.

A hood for every mood

A cracking hoodie, even one with a dreamy fit, made from the best cotton on the market would only be halfway there if its colour faded after a few rounds in the washer. But fear not, you can be sure that these colours will stay vibrant because we dyed the fabric in rolls before producing the garments, not the other way round like most people do.

- Navy - You keep asking for navy. We keep giving you navy.

- Beige marl - Something for those of you not quite ready for the stain-fear a white hoodie unleashes.

- Burgundy - A classic in the vintage sportswear arena.

- Green - Pique some envy in hoodie circles with this one.

- Grey marl - The original. Think of a jogging movie hero, think grey marl.

Hood’s up

The Hoodie will be available to preorder for 89€ from Tuesday, 2nd of August. If you want first dibs, you can hit this link below and we’ll be sure to notify you when you can grab them.

And if it doesn't work out when your Hoodie arrives, returns and exchanges are easy. The return costs are on us.

Need to know anything else? Ask away via the comments below, or alternatively, you can check our international Instagram page for more info.

The Asphalte Team

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