Sock it to us (Valentin)

November 04, 2022

We solved the missing sock mystery.

They finally made it

You asked for them. You demanded. You felt the time had come…for months and months you messaged us and told us all about why and how. So without further ado, here’s…well the article about them, the Perfect Socks (requested by Valentin).

Valentin who?

You often hear the word co-creation tossed around at Asphalte, but it’s never made more sense than today with our Perfect Socks. Bear with us.

About a year ago we got a DM from a client. This Valentin was telling us:

Valentin’s cheeky dig did touch on something: the perfect look wouldn’t be so perfect without the right socks.

So we thought to ourselves Valentin might just not be the only one struggling with sub-par undies.

So we asked you lot, with a questionnaire on our social media…we were stunned to find out that socks had seemingly drawn the short straw…

Dozens and dozens of messages. Then hundreds came pouring in. And we’re up to a thousand now. Valentin opened the floodgates and the whole gang gave it to us. And they did in our questionnaire too with 4,000 replies, stating the same issues: too many holes, losing shapes, wearing thin, hard to wear outside of a tennis court…

Perfect socks made by our perfect co-creators

We got the message: Not the kind to shove a sock in it, we listened. We gathered your thoughts, all specs on board then got busy and made sure not to disappoint. As easy as that, you tell us your wardrobe dreams and we work on making them happen.

We pushed the requirements high, worked on it for a year and now they’re just one preorder away from landing on your feet. Valentin, this is for you and your pals.

What you need is what you get

Design, comfort, durability, style, breathable: We managed to get all onboard.

In the end, here we are with some top socks made in Europe for a fair price. They won’t show off your naked toes anytime soon or end up washed up on your ankles at the first bend, or start itching and making you leak buckets from the feet. Just Perfect.

Put a sock in it…as in, well in your basket.

If it wasn’t for you…they wouldn’t be there. And that would be a pity. But since you are there with us, and co-creation is a wonderful thing, here’s to a great pair of socks that’ll walk with you for miles.

All very well, but how do you get your hands on them? Well, the Perfect Socks will be available to preorder for 9€ à pair from next Tuesday 8th of November

If it doesn't work out fear not, returns and exchanges are easy and the cost of the return is on us.

Need to know anything else? Drop it in the comments below or check our international Instagram page for the answer. Possibly.


The Asphalte Team

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