Slim Jeans that’ll stay that way

November 10, 2023

Our sharp ‘n’ sleek Slim Jeans—made from Italian denim

Slim jeans shouldn’t be an impossible dream

Why is it that the reality of slim jeans never quite lives up to the dream?

Our minds jump to images of a young Bob Dylan on the streets of New York, or maybe Martin Sheen in Badlands — the dream of sharp, classic jeans, made from tough, hard-wearing denim — but more often than not the harsh reality is a pair of stretchy leggings that quickly lose their shape.

That’s why we wanted to make something a bit different—a slim-fitting pair of actual jeans, the kind made from high-quality denim that doesn’t go baggy at the first flex of a knee joint.

Seriously sharp shape

Perhaps unsurprisingly, you told us the main thing we had to get right was the fit of our Slim Jeans, so we spent a lot of time making sure our shape was bob on. As the name suggests, they’re slim, but that doesn’t mean they’re ‘skinny’. Those tapered legs giving them a classic sleek fit that’s more ‘Greenwich Village coffee house’ than ‘Leeds indie-disco’.

Elastic that actually is fantastic

Because slim jeans sit close to the body, they do need a touch of something stretchy so they don’t feel too tight and restrictive. That’s why our denim is woven with a little dash of a premium Japanese elastane known as Roica. It’s a biodegradable stretch yarn that doesn’t lose its shape, keeping our Slim Jeans slim and comfy for years to come.

To make sure our denim was up to scratch, we sent it off to a lab to put it through its paces—testing it for things like tearing, tensile strength, dimensional stability, elongation, and elasticity. We’re proud to say it passed with flying colours. This is good stuff.

Grown with care

Our fabric was woven by the Italian denim maestros at Candiani. Not only is it reassuringly hearty, weighing in at 13oz, but it’s eco-friendly too, and the organic cotton is produced regeneratively. This is hard to sum up in a few quick sentences, but it basically means it’s grown using a cultivation process that works with the local ecosystem and enriches the soil—no fertilisers or pesticides are used either.

Oh yeah, and that Roica elastane is biodegradable too but we mentioned that already.

Backing up that hearty denim you’ll find a chunky YKK zipper and a big ol’ metal button on the fly. As for haulage, we kept things strictly classic with the time-honoured five-pocket configuration. Why meddle with perfection?

The Holy Trinity

The Slim Jeans are available in either Rinse, Stone or a particularly nice Washed Black. Picking the right denim hue is a fine art, but these are the kind of timeless tones that always work—and because of their washed nature you can skip that awkward ‘new jean’ stiffness too.

The perfect slim jeans?

We set out to make a high-quality pair of jeans with a slim, sleek shape—and we think we’ve cracked it. If you like the sound of our Ultimate Jeans but prefer a slightly more fitted silhouette, you’re now in luck…

How to get your Slim Jeans

All very well, but how do you get one? Well, the Slim Jeans will be available to preorder for 99€ from next Tuesday 10 am (CET). But as usual, it’s first come first served.

If it doesn't work out fear not, returns and exchanges are easy and the cost of the return is on us.

Need to know anything else? Drop it in the comments below or check our international Instagram page for the answer. Possibly.


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