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August 19, 2022

Not just your basic base-layer

We know it’s still August, and we really don’t want to put the chiller on your summer hols with talk of winter, but it might be time to start planning ahead. In the spirit of being prepared for seasonal eventualities, we would like to present our Light Bodywarmer.

We get it: you are probably currently draped in linen under a parasol with a frozen drink in hand, but trust us: this will be the ideal number to slip over your jumper when those short winter days show up, unwelcome as ever. At least this time, you’ll be ready for them.

A star is born

We fully back clichés when applied to winter clothing… "You can’t predict the weather"... ”No one knows what will come after the rain”… “Forewarned is fore-armed!” What do these nuggets of perennial wisdom tell us? Well, that if you want to stay warm this winter, it's best to have backup ready.

Luckily, backup is precisely what we're talking about today.

Sleeveless over garments have historical pedigree, from the leather jerkins of crafty medieval archers to the denim cutoffs of America’s grizzled bikers. Of course, today’s versions have come a long way - pairing the best qualities of the puffer jacket and the tank top, like the offspring of some forbidden fashion affair...

Offering warmth and comfort while maintaining total freedom of movement and doing away with the constricting feeling of a full outer layer? It’s not for no reason that the bodywarmer has become ubiquitous.

On paper, the feat is admirable. Sadly, there’s a but.

You told us that a lot of the bodywarmers out there aren’t living up to the heady promise of the garment…

- The padding’s too thick and the item too bulky to wear under a jacket

- They are too flimsy, providing as much insulation as a paper hat in Alaska

- The cut is rubbish and bulges or bunches

- The pockets are tiny…

You know the drill: you told us what you wanted from the Light Bodywarmer, and then we got to work.

The essentials, only better.

We're not going to beat around the bush: we're very proud of the Light Bodywarmer.

No shoddy cuts here, no over-stuffed puffers, or flimsy flapping waistcoats. We offer you something that punches above its weight when it comes to keeping you toasty.

As for the length, we've gone for something fairly standard. It will fall on the upper part of your seat, which will allow you to wear it alone, or under a suit jacket without it hanging out the back. No tails on show, thanks very much.

Now, let’s get down to the cut. It’s tailored to drape nicely, and to show that off we avoided over-padding it, staying well clear of Michelin Man territory. We call it the Light Bodywarmer for a reason, you’ll soon forget you’re wearing it.

Unlike those shiny base layers you see about, we chose a more elegant, matte fabric for ours. We wanted to stay away from those hi-gloss wavy garms gilets, creating something that would be just as at home under a blazer or a business jacket as it is with a pair of jeans.

Now for essentials: thermal insulation. Any bodywarmer must be…. well, warm. This is how we nailed the assignment.

- The outside is made of 100% cotton fabric with a sturdy 170gr/m2 density.

- The front is doubled with a ripstop lining made of recycled polyester.

- We added to a 100% recycled polyester padding made from plastic bottles collected that were clogging up the sea.

These three layers will make sure you laugh off whatever nature throws at you, keeping you warm, without pushing you to the sauna-sweat-level.

We love a good test. So we compared the material in our Bodywarmer to that of some other cold-weather garments’ thermal insulation qualities. The unit for measuring this is the "CLO", and it turns out that our Light Bodywarmer has a CLO of 1.81. For context, that’s compared to 2 for a ski suit and 3 for a light polar fleece outfit. By comparison, a pair of shorts has a CLO of 0.4. So, this winter wonder sits at just the right ‘keeping-you-toasty-without-cooking’ level.

Details, but more than just details

As usual, we didn’t just stop at getting the job done. The Light Bodywarmer has all our usual attention to detail on show.

First of all, the pockets! There’s two on the front, which blend in neatly with the body of the garment. Inside, you will find a zipped pocket to securely keep hold of your prized possessions. The small stand-up collar may not look like much, but trust us, zip it all the way up and your throat will thank you when the wind’s whipping about.

And then there’s the colours!

On one, two and three

The Light Bodywarmer comes in three timeless colours. On the menu we have:

- Navy. The ultimate versatile tone that will pair perfectly with your coats as well as your jackets.

- Military Green. Add a little sophisticated colour to your wardrobe.

- Black. The sober option. Minimum sartorial risk for maximum impact.

The Light Bodywarmer. You’ll miss it if it’s not there, but probably forget you have it on. That’s how comfy it is. What you shouldn’t forget, however, is that preorders start next Tuesday, 23rd of August. And as usual it’s first come first served.

If it doesn't work out fear not, returns and exchanges are easy and the cost of the return is on us.

Need to know anything else? Drop any queries in the comments below or check our international Instagram page for the answer. Possibly.


The Asphalte Team

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