Nothing spare about these ribs

October 07, 2022

Here’s another sturdy winter warmer you can rely on

Not wanting to sound catty or anything, but some jumpers out there look as reliable as a paper hat in a Force 9 gale.

You know the ones we’re on about, right? Those iffy woolies that lose their shape at the sniff of a storm, the sort with off-key cuts and a 9/10 itch-factor built in. Those jumpers you get in autumn that end up with more bobbles than your Christmas tree come December.

We’ve all been there. Which is why we came up with the Heavy Rib.

Heavyweights only

So we set out to make a jumper that takes the heavyweight title, knocking out all contenders along the way. One that looks great and is—of course—warm, reliable and durable. A heavy-duty winter jumper that doesn’t look like it’s fallen out of your aunt’s festive dressing-up box. No baubles, and no bobbles. Something like this:

Wonder wool

Nothing’s been left to chance here. We started with our go-to, premium Merino wool, you know how much we like it, and it seems our loyal customers do too. Its natural fibres are at the heart of these ribs: warm, soft, supple, thermoregulating and fast-drying. As if that weren’t enough, the fibres have anti-bacterial properties too (leave it al-fresco and it’ll freshen up by itself). It’s serious wonder-wool, if ever we saw it.

Then we carded the wool, no comb over this time. Carding lends a more rugged, rustic feel to the material, but also ‘puffs it up’ a bit, boosting the already impressive insulation properties. Result? Duvet-level snugness.

Then we set to work on the on actual ribs, pearl ribs to be exact. For those not familiar with rib-lingo, the pearl rib is a double-knit mesh that looks like pearls on the outside. It’s classy and stays that way for a long time…The ribs aren’t only in it for beauty awards though, they give the jumper stability, being less elastic than a regular 1x1 rib. Heavy Rib not heavy robe a few months down the line.

Beef(y) Ribs

You chased to the cut in our questionnaires, opting for a more tailored fit. You don’t need to tell us twice, we got to it and this one will drape nicely and still leave enough room for a tee or a button-down underneath, as you’d hope.

Heavy knit after heavy knit

700g of pure Merino wool spun and made into a chunky knit with tight pearl ribs and a cut that works with all body types: That’s our Heavy Rib for you. Warm and soft as you’ve come to expect, with a promise it’ll last for years and keep you smiling through many cold winters to come.

That’s all very well, but how do you actually get one? Well, the Heavy Rib will be available to preorder from next Tuesday. Sign up here to get notified when it drops.

Need to know anything else? Drop it in the comments below or check our international Instagram page for the answer. Possibly.


The Asphalte Team

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