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February 04, 2022

There’s no wrong way to wear one. Not even double denim.

There aren’t many positive things you can say about Anton Chigurh, the main antagonist from the Coen Brothers’ 2007 masterpiece, No Country for Old Men. He’s a cold-blooded hitman, an embodiment of pure evil, and he’s got a seriously dodgy haircut. But one thing that does go in his favour is his taste in jackets. He wears the same outfit for the entire film: dark brown shirt, jeans, cowboy boots, and – to top it all off – a denim jacket. It’s no surprise that a man of extreme principles like Chigurh would have a personal uniform, and a solid denim jacket seems to be the perfect item for roaming around West Texas in search of a suitcase containing two million dollars.

Of course, that’s not all that a denim jacket is good for. In fact, it’s great for a whole range of occasions and activities. You might even call it highly versatile. And denim jackets are particularly good when the following has been taken into consideration:

- Premium heavyweight denim

- A cut that’s modern but nods to the classics

- The perfect length – not too long, not too short

- A couple of inside pockets

Deluxe denim

First things first, let’s talk about the denim itself. It goes without saying that a discerning bunch such as yourselves wouldn’t settle for anything less than excellence, so we got in touch with the fine folk over at Berto in Italy, who specialise in excellence. They cooked up a 14.5oz (or 495g) cotton denim for us, which is just the thing we were looking for.

We’ve got a great big convoy…

Fit wise, we’ve gone for a classic trucker jacket shape. It’s tailored, but we’ve modernised a few things, namely the body length. Vintage examples from the ‘70s are great but do tend to be a bit on the cropped side, so we’ve lengthened the body ever so slightly to bring it bang up to date, while staying true to the jacket’s roots.

It’s all in the details

It would be a shame to get all the big things right, only to bungle the little things, so as usual we’ve paid close attention to details. A modern 7cm collar, brushed matte metal buttons, double topstitching – you name it, it’s all in there.

Prime pocket real estate

No country for old men, perhaps, but there’s definitely room for big phones. As well as the obligatory chest pockets, we’ve added two generous pockets on the jacket’s inside, too, to cater for smartphones and all the other stuff we have to cart around these days. All Chigurh had in his pockets was a coin to toss and maybe a packet of peanuts.

We called in the professionals

It sounds obvious, but if you want the right end result, you’ve got to hire the right people. And the right people on this occasion were Cortextil in Portugal. This lot are certified jacket experts and have proven their credentials before by making our Corduroy Trucker Jacket. Safe hands, to be sure.

Keep it clean

Last but not least, we’re happy to say that the cotton we’ve used for this jacket is 100% organic. Things like this are important to us, and we know from your feedback that they’re important to you, too.

Sing the blues

Three washes to choose from

Raw: If you like your denim straight out of the mill

Rinse: Maybe you like raw denim but prefer to take the edge off

Stone: Look like you’ve been wandering around West Texas for years

Keeping things local

In 2021, we committed to giving you the full environmental impact of every item we release. La totale as we say in France.

So this is what goes into, and comes out of each Denim Jacket.

16.8 kg of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to travelling 173,1 km (107.5miles) by car. Here’s how our partners at Fairly Made come up with that number.

6.6 g of phosphor in the water. Equivalent to growing 110kg of potatoes.

184.5 MJ of energy, which is about 62.3 h electric heating (average flat).

A new golden age

The Denim Jacket will be available to preorder for 99€ from the 8th of February. If you want first dibs, you can hit the section below and we’ll be sure to notify you when you can grab them. For the sharpshooters, you can expect your Denim Jacket to land on your doormat around the beginning of May.

And if it doesn't work out when your Denim Jacket arrives, returns and exchanges are easy. The return costs are on us.

Need to know anything else? Ask away via the comments below, or alternatively, you can check our international Instagram page for more info.


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