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December 30, 2022

Time to get shirty.

These days a lot of people are pushing the idea of having multiple options for every eventuality like it’s a good thing… A jacket for each day of the week, a credit card per holiday destination, a chutney to go with every cheese…Well, we reckon that’s the wrong way of looking at things, except for the chutney thing, which actually sounds pretty fantastic…

We want less stuff, done better.

So, what’s better than having a shirt for every conceivable sort of formal occasion? We think it’s having the shirt for any formal occasion.

Introducing the Classic Shirt — cut so well that it’ll sit just right with any suit, comfy enough for everyday wear, made from top quality poplin and with every detail lovingly attended to. What’s more, it could be with you in time for summer party season. Wave goodbye to those dodgy last-minute shirt purchases.


There’s no point pretending any old button-down’ll do when it comes to getting dressed up. A Cotton Oxford with a tie doesn’t cut the mustard. A plaid shirt under a suit jacket is plain crazy. Let’s all agree to stop cutting corners.

The Classic Shirt is designed to be worn with a suit, to be tucked in, and to work perfectly with a tie without making you feel like your the wrong side of a hit man’s to-do list.

We plumped for a cut that’s neatly tailored, but not fitted. It’s a balance we honed while working on our more casual shirts. The cut will work with most body types, and all the shape’s provided by the side seams, meaning no busy-looking gussets or pleats in the back. On top of that we made the Classic Shirt 3cm longer, so it’ll stay right where you want it: tucked in.


What’s poplin you might be asking? Well, in spite of our fabric obsessions, we’ll try to keep this brief:

Poplin’s a tight-weave fabric with a smooth, satiny finish. The fabric was invented in the 15th century near Avignon, in the South of France, and was known as papaline because the city was the official residence of the Pope at the time. The robustness and density of the fabric made it highly prized among shirtmakers.

We called in the Swiss masters at Stotz & Co to craft our poplin. They use an organic cotton sourced in Egypt to make an incredibly soft-yet-strong fabric. To make the shirt less prone to creasing, each yarn is 'double twisted'.

Weighing in at 125g/m2, the Classic Shirt’s a perfect middle ground thermally, good to go all year round.


All that lovely fabric combined with a sharp, tailored cut wouldn’t stand up to much scrutiny if its collar was slipshod. We went for a classic French collar, with a 6cm point length. It’s not too big or too long - no footballer fashion here.

The collar has a crisp interfacing to ensure it sits properly and stays straight, with a little additional help from the non-removable (washing machine and ironing-proof) stays. On-theme we went for a French placket at the neck, so you can do up the top button without any drama. The result: an impeccable collar with a perfect fit, comfy with a tie or without. Just what you asked for.


On to the finishing touches; and we’ve spoiled you here too.

To crank up the elegance a few notches, there are two pleats around the gently rounded cuffs to taper the sleeve toward them. We did away with the breast pocket, the one that never gets used but clutters up a lot of smart shirts, and we went corozo-based four-hole buttons - all of which are cross stitched for strength and easy repairs down the line.

The button placket, which runs down the front of the shirt, is simple and discreet, for a more stylish look. No visible stitching here. The double-stitching on the side seams gives extra strength without sacrificing any elegance. The armholes are also double-stitched.

To make absolutely sure that the drape is impeccable, we made the yoke – the piece of fabric that runs across the shoulders – 6.5cm deep.


Formal doesn't have to mean ‘boring’, so we picked five colours to match your mood. Well, to match your formal moods… it’s a great shirt, but we can’t recommend it for Sunday football or tiki bars.

The one that you want

The Classic Shirt will be available to preorder for 79€ from the 3rd of January. If you want first dibs, you can hit this link below and we’ll be sure to notify you when you can grab them.

And if it doesn't work out when your Shirt arrives, returns and exchanges are easy. The return costs are on us.

Need to know anything else? Ask away via the comments below, or alternatively, you can check our international Instagram page for more info.


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