Published on June 28, 2024.

Longing for the long-sleeves

Ever heard of our Ultimate T-Shirt? Well, meet its long-sleeved sibling with the same top-quality traits. Or should we say siblings, as there’s more than one style to choose from?



Another Pair of Sleeves

We had a physical and metaphorical rummage through our old wardrobes and minds to dig out those long-sleeved tees from back in the day. Remember how they were a bit hit-and-miss? Some were great, others not so much. We took all those experiences and your input to craft something special. Introducing a true Long-Sleeve T-shirt made from 100% organic cotton, weighing in at 220g/m²—about 30% heavier than your average tee. It’s got raglan sleeves, a triple-layer collar that won’t go astray, and roller-dyed colours. Speaking of which...

We did you a solid

We’re offering up the Long-Sleeve T-Shirt in two flavours. First up, the solid colours: take your pick from classic navy or off-white. Simple, but effective.

Two-Tone, Double the Fun

Feeling the pull of vintage style? We’ve got a couple of two-tone options with coloured sleeves against an off-white body. Choose from dark burgundy or British racing green. It’s a nod to those old-school skatepark days, but a bit more put together.

6 Days to Decide

Or to decide not to decide. Some folks at Asphalte HQ here couldn’t quite choose and went in for both. Either way, you’ll get your chance to do the same starting next Tuesday. But preorders close on Sunday, so don’t dawdle.

Both the plain and two-tone Long-Sleeve T-shirts will be available to preorder for 6 days only for 39€. If you miss that window, you might catch one in a stock sale later for 54€. Maybe.

Need to know anything else? Ask away via the comments below. Alternatively, you can check our international Instagram page for more info.

The Asphalte Team



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