Linen : the answer to your summer worries

April 29, 2022

Fan of Indian summers? You’ll love the French one too.

Much as you might hope to be shirtless the moment the sun’s out, there are some warm-weather events one really needs a tidy long-sleeve for. You know: weddings, swanky parties, cocktails in sun-dappled plazas... While some summer shirts might vaguely look the part, most of them will have you sweating buckets in five minutes flat - which really undermines that whole classy-cocktails look you were going for.

If only there was a classic summer shirt that could actually do the job when it comes to both upping those sophistication levels and keeping that lower back sweat-torrent in check...

Well, now there is because we created it. To keep things straightforward, we called it the Summer Shirt. What’s key to this life-changing, soon-to-be-summer-staple, you ask? It’s all down to that lovely linen.

See for yourselves.

Linen, you say?

We don’t want to get all Botany Weekly here, but flax is a pretty nifty plant. You can pop the seeds on your porridge and make ropes from the plant’s sturdy stem fibres - try doing that with cashmere. You can use those same fibres to make linen - a material with unsurpassable warm-weather credentials.

The long fibres give linen a ‘high conductivity’, which is pub quiz champion-speak for ‘feels cool to touch’. The material is also ultra breezy, naturally wicking away 20% of its weight in water without starting to feel sticky or clingy - its thermoregulating superpowers make it the ideal fabric for summer.

As well as being cool to the touch, linen is also easy on the eyes, its chic trademark wrinkling being a key factor in the fabric’s unshakable popularity since ancient man first needed a shirt for a date down by the Dead Sea, a few millennia back.

There’s linen, and there’s linen Français

Now you are sold on linen’s breezy credentials, here’s the really handy part: Europe happens to be the world’s top flax producer, the traditional hub of linen production, and France is the star of the show. The chaps at Emanuel Lang are our go-to folks when it comes to turning those flax fibres into top-notch linen. They’ve been making stellar fabric in eastern France since 1856. As if that track record isn’t impressive enough, they are working on ever more sustainable practices, focusing on local sourcing, environmentally friendly agriculture, and GMO-free output. Working to keep you—and the planet—cool.

Creased to perfection

While its trademark creasing is what gives linen its particular brand of carefree chic, you don’t want your shirt to end up looking like Methuselah’s knees. The Summer Shirt sure will crease, and so it should, but we asked the bods at Emanuel Lang to work on a fabric that’s just dense enough to avoid crossing the line into potato sack territory. 160g/m2 turned out to be the perfect weight: ensuring airiness, an ideal level of creasability, and no unwanted see-through moments.

You made the cut

All that work on our linen would have been wasted if the cut wasn’t up to scratch. The Summer Shirt is fine-tuned, tidy and classic in shape. It’s not clingy or baggy. We added two discreet comfort pleats in the back to give you a little extra wiggle-room, and it’s cut to a length that allows you to wear it tucked in, or not - depending on just how carefree you want your chic to be.

Pop or not

Now, we don’t want to make things too hard for you, but as well as deciding whether or not to tuck your Summer Shirt in, you are also going to have to make a call on the collar. There are two schools of thought when it comes to the collars on warm-weather shirts.

- The elegant button-down: the all-time classic. Ours is subtly reinforced by a light piece of canvas to make sure that linen stands firm.

- The timeless grandad collar: a little less traditional, but just as smart and leaves your neck impeccably free and easy when the mercury rises. This too has a lightly reinforced structure, keeping it supple yet sturdy.

Any more questions?

Are pit stains ever going to be in style? How should one dress for a high-temperature al fresco work-do? What collar works best on BBQing duties? Are socks ever OK with sandals?

So many questions, but there’s only one answer that matters: The Summer Shirt, made of linen, saving you from summer meltdowns.

The Summer Shirt will be available to preorder for 79€ from the 3rd of May. If you want first dibs, you can hit this link below and we’ll be sure to notify you when you can grab your shirt.

Need to know anything else? Ask away via the comments below, or alternatively, you can check our international Instagram page for more info.


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