It's linen from here on out

March 18, 2022

Put your legs away, low-crease, lightweight linen's in town

If the arrival of swallows is meant to herald spring then nothing signals summer, cooling mid-afternoon drinks and a classy spot of outdoor scran like a pair of linen trousers. Done right, these should-be-staples can elevate whatever you pair them with, leaving you looking relaxed yet dapper—which we all know is the perfect warm weather combo. Before wading in on creating our Linen Trousers, we first asked for your opinion on the competition. As usual, it turns out that there’s quite a lot wrong with the summer slacks you had put your faith in before.

- Linen trousers exist to elevate a summer wardrobe, not drag it-crease by shameful crease-into the darkest available corners of the sun-kissed piazzas you find yourself in. So, with that in mind, we set out to strike a balance between linen’s famously lightweight and breezy upsides and the crease-potential of lightweight fabrics. You will be happy to hear we found the perfect solution: at 275g/m2, these trousers are heavy enough to keep those creases at bay while remaining comfy when the temperature rises. Who do you have to thank? Well, the experts at Leomaster, in Italy, who’ve been weaving this kind of dream-trouser fabric for three decades now.

- Linen trousers have historically been done a great disservice by the baggy, flapping, sail-like slacks that were once the key identifier of the fictional foreign office flunky abroad. Our Linen Trousers are cut with a classic tailored fit which means they’ll drape nicely. We opted for neat, minimal details like two slit pockets in the back, horn buttons, side adjusters and a comfort pleat at the rear. All of this will leave you looking cool and composed rather than like a billowing extra from a straight-to-TV Graham Greene adaptation.

- Breathability is key when it comes to linen. Unfortunately, lots of you told us that you were left sweltering the last time you took a whirl on the linen roulette wheel. Well, fear not. Crafted using linen grown in France and Belgium, that wicks away up to 20% of its weight in moisture, our trousers offer up a lightweight breathable feel without you feeling any chills for it. That’s as close as trousers can get to having superpowers.

- Trousers that lose their shape after just one mojito in the sun are no fun. As with everything we do at Asphalte, we’ve put a lot of effort into making these stand up to the test of not just time, but numerous barbecues... Making use of top quality raw materials, carefully sourced production partners around Europe, and sturdy no-nonsense design, these Linen Trousers won’t leave you disappointed after a summer of heavy wear.

Linen Trousers are famously versatile: pair them with loafers or sneakers, T-shirts or jackets. The temperature’s dropped just in time for early evening cocktails? No problem, pop on a lightweight knit. It’s started snowing? Well, at that point maybe just change your bottoms...

Crease-resistant, breathable, with a stylish, minimal cut that will last you more than one summer, the Linen Trousers, priced at €109, will be available for preorder from 22nd of March.

You can expect the first batch to land on your doormat right on time for summer, that’s mid-June all being well. If don’t want to miss out, you can sign up below for a reminder once these versatile summer companions become available. You’ll get an email from us the moment they are live on our site.

Need to know anything else? Ask away via the comments below, or alternatively, you can check our international Instagram page for more info.


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