It’s Derby day

October 28, 2022

Durable? You can bet your boots on it.

The bods over at the World Health Organisation reckon the average person clocks something like 7,500 steps a day, which tallies up to some 6km, from just wandering about.

To be clear: we aren’t talking about those tiny-shorts, sugar pouch sipping, distance runner types’ daily steps. Just regular folk off on those work-day meandering strolls for ‘definitely very essential and productive’ coffees, the daily pop-to-the-shops for the ever-missing ingredient… That stuff. And it all adds up. In fact, it adds up to about 2,190km a year.

Luckily, our Derby Boots are seriously sturdy pieces of kit, and are here to help. Comfortable from the get-go, seriously durable, and all-weather-ready, they’re designed to go the distance with you and look good doing it.

Where those other boots fell flat

As ever, we made sure to pick your brains a bit before we knuckled down to making these. We got a decent insight on this one: 4,719 of you dished the dirt on your former boots. The four fatal flaws?

1 — Poor quality leather

2 — Outsoles that wore out in a flash

3 — Shoelaces that gave up the ghost

4 — Poor comfort levels

Nothing too surprising there then. Here’s how we went four better.

No grain, no gain

Our leather Derby Boots are made from full-grain Spanish leather, that’s been aniline dyed for a really tasty patina. When it comes to leather, full-grain is the Big Kahuna, as it comes from the most hard-wearing part of the hide. It’s destined to grow old gracefully too.

We made a suede version too—in two classy shades of brown. These are crafted from some supremely sumptuous Italian calf suede, which has been given a natural treatment to help ward off raindrops, stains and negative energy.

We’d still recommend you give them a quick spray with some suede protector before you head out for the first time, but you don’t need to pray to the weather gods every time you want to take ‘em for a trot.

Heart & sole

Our Derby Boots are fitted with a 100% rubber sole from UK’s own Itshide, located in Northamptonshire, the spiritual home of UK shoemaking. The aptly-named “Commando” sole is specially designed to be made with a Goodyear welt. And so we obliged. The Goodyear welt is a true welterweight champion, sewing the sole, outer and inners all together in one super durable construction that is guaranteed to keep your sole in its place and your feet warm and dry.

The classic Itshide and Goodyear Welt combo really is a match made in shoemaker heaven, and what’s more, you won’t need to have the whole bottom of your boots rebuilt if the time comes to replace the rubber outsole.

This must be the lace

So that’s flappy soles out of the equation, now to eradicate ripped laces once and for all. We hunted down some reassuringly tough tubular waxed shoe-strings, and opted for super-smooth metal eyelets. Slicker than a greased non-stick frying pan. As an extra treat, we popped some ‘speed hooks’ where the top eyelets would usually go - cutting down the faff-factor when you are in a rush.

No gimmicks needed

We thought about doing a twofer on these, with train tickets to Derby—or maybe a complimentary Terrence Trent D’arby cassette—but to be perfectly honest, these beauties don’t need any gimmicks. Tough leather and a sturdy sole, combined with a sharp profile. That’s your feet sorted, year round, for some time to come.

Four tasteful tones

You wanted four colours that’d work with your wardrobe. As usual, you ask - we deliver. Four seriously classy colours that’ll mesh with whatever you throw together.

- There’s Black Grain Leather. This one shouldn’t need much explaining, should it? Seriously sophisticated.

- Dark Brown Grain Leather, a rich, autumn-y hue. Hot-toddy and mushroom picking ready.

- And then we’ve got Camel Suede — an all-seasons banger.

- And finally, there’s Chestnut Suede— a tidy pairing with a pair of selvedge jeans.

Get the boot

The Derby Boots will be available to preorder for 229€ from Tuesday the 1st of November. If you want first dibs, you can hit the notification tool below, and we’ll be sure to notify you when you can grab them.

And if it doesn't work out when your boots arrive, returns and exchanges are easy. The return costs are on us.

Need to know anything else? Ask away via the comments below, or alternatively, you can check our international Instagram page for more info.


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