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February 17, 2023

Our hard-wearing everyday Chinos

Chinos are for Life, Not Just for Summer

If you’ve been following what we do for a while, you’ve probably heard us talk about the Heavy Chinos before. They’re our hard-wearing, year-round trousers, built to last... and last, and last. We’ve been making them for a few years now, honing and refining their design with each iteration, and now—thanks to all your feedback, we’re proud to present their latest incarnation…

A Heavy Proposition

We designed the Heavy Chinos to be the ultimate four-seasons chinos — equally at home living it up with a button-down shirt and a Choc Ice or shivering through an away game with a flask of tea. Yep… not exactly an easy task, but by focusing hard on fabric and fit, we think we’ve cracked it. Here’s how we did it…

Stretch Legstrong

This time around the Heavy Chinos are made from 270g/m2 double-twisted twill. This stuff is still reassuringly hearty, but because there’s a little elastane in the mix, it’s got a tasteful bit of stretch to it, meaning a few more points on the ol’ comfort-o-meter. After all, tough leg wear needn’t be tough on your legs.

Roll With It

Like Robin Williams in that film Jack, Chinos can age - and lose their oomph - quickly — sometimes it takes just a few strolls in the sun to make your classy slacks look like long-lost relics of a distant past. That’s why we made sure ours were dyed right — with the pigment added whilst the fabric was still in rolls before it was cut to shape. This means they’ll keep their colour for longer, staying bright and fresh even as the sands of time slip away.

Built to Last

Broken buttons and busted seams were two key chino issues you were keen for us to put right, so we made sure our details were up to scratch. The buttons are made from horn, whilst the seams have been double-stitched for extra strength. We made sure the pocket entries were bar-tacked to keep ‘em secure too. After all, Heavy Chinos demand heavy hard-wear.

Prime Cut

And finally, there’s the fit. Sharp and slick, with gently tapered legs, they’ve got a tried-and-tested Ivy League cut that works well with most body types. Not too baggy, not too slim, they’re tailored to a tee. Put simply, these aren’t your grandad’s shapeless slacks.

Heavyweight Champs

We might call these the Heavy Chinos, but to be honest that name sort of sells them short — they’re also the Comfy Chinos, the Colourful Chinos and the… er… Tapered Chinos That Fit Really Well. If you’re tired of flimsy trousers that rip at the first sign of trouble, then you might just be bang on the money.

How to up your chino game

All very well, but how do you get a pair? Well, the Heavy Chinos will be available to preorder for 89€ from Tuesday, 21st of February. Sign up to get notified, don’t let these pass you by.

If it doesn't work out fear not, returns and exchanges are easy and the cost of the return is on us.

Need to know anything else? Drop it in the comments below or check our international Instagram page for the answer. Possibly.


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