Four: The Magic Number

May 13, 2022

What’s better than three fantastic new items? You guessed it...

Buckle up: today we have not one, not two, but thr... Oh, wait. We have four launches for you to soak up. We thought you might like to see all our coming preorders in one go, to get those wardrobe juices flowing.

Anyhow, no surprises on the selection: a few familiar items, and top quality all round. We reckon four is the magic number, sorry De La Soul.

Four items, four very different uses, hundreds of pairing possibilities - if you get really creative. There is, however, one common thread: quality.

As you know by now, quality isn’t a throwaway word around here. At Asphalte, quality is at the heart of what we do.

- We’re constantly hunting for top quality raw materials and we source them in the most responsible ways we can. On top of that we always let you, our co-creators, in on the process and costs. Transparency is key.

- We only work with quality partners: passionate, reliable professionals who have honed their expertise and built up their know-how over the years. Most of our partners are in Europe, primarily in Portugal, Italy and France. It’s important that our producer partners take the environment seriously, as well as employee welfare. We pick them carefully, for your peace of mind, as well as ours.

- Quality lab tests: we test the durability of every design we release in a lab. If our prototypes aren’t up to scratch, it’s back to the drawing board. No half measures here.

- The ‘real life’ test drive: before we start production on a piece, we entrust prototypes to our very own daring test pilots. These heroes perform various stunts in them, as well as, you know, wearing them to work and back, to make sure they’re up to the task.

Some might say we are obsessed with quality, and we would happily agree. You’ll find evidence of this obsessive approach in all our clothes, including those on display here. And, on that note, let us introduce the fantastic four.

- The Short Sleeve Henley. The Asphalte regulars went bananas for the long-sleeve Henley, and we expect no less a reception for its short-sleeved little brother. The signature button placket oozes laid-back character, while the whole ‘having your arms out’ thing really ups the relaxation factor. Made using heavyweight organic cotton jersey, this one’s got serious staying power. Produced in Portugal with an eye on the style’s international heritage.

- The Tough Trousers. Made with the help of CM Borges our go-to partners in crime (and Portugal), these are tough as old nails, but a little smoother. The super hardy organic cotton duck canvas is expertly produced by Telatex in eastern France and the cut is a fitting tribute to the original workwear style, with a little boost in the comfort department. ‘Look Great and Do the Job’ - the Tough Trousers’ no-nonsense motto.

- The Classic Belt. A good looking belt is hard to find, but this is a timeless, elegant one that’ll be by your side for years to come. Made of calfskin leather from France, it’s made in Brittany and features a nigh-on-indestructible brass buckle. And there’s a bonus, this painstakingly made belt will develop a lovely patina over time, ageing gracefully with you... No time’s waisted on this one.

- The Chelsea Boots. You’ll be no stranger to the iconic Chelsea boot, a classic of design combining elasticated comfort and suave rock ‘n’ roll credentials. But have you tried ours? We went all out to ensure both comfort and durability. Made in Portugal using the Commando outsole from Itshide and Goodyear storm welts. These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do - should you let them.


Have we won you over to the power of four yet?

Well, in case you are still on the fence: we have capped the delivery costs at 9€ for this monthly drop. So, if a few items are tempting you, postage needn’t be on your worries list, you can get planning those combos.

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