Don’t Fear the Winter

October 06, 2023

Built with frosty days in mind

Three Cheers for Cold Weather

Life in winter requires a serious wodge of positivity. It’s all very well just trying to struggle through, but to really get the most out of the colder months, you need to somehow trick yourself into thinking you actually enjoy trudging through the frost.

Icy? Think of it as refreshing.

Car won’t start? Enjoy the exercise of a brisk walk.

Another power cut? Finally, a chance to reacquaint yourself with the rules of chess.

To make this all a little easier we’ve devised not one, but two winter-ready parkas—designed not just to help you survive the winter, but to thrive in it — keeping you warm and comfortable, without sacrificing style.

A Country Classic

Winter armour no.1 is made from 100% organic moleskin cotton. Don’t worry rodent fans, no moles were harmed here: this time-honoured fabric gets its name from its super-soft, almost suede-like texture. Think of it a bit like corduroy, without the ridges — a classic ‘town and country’ fabric that instantly conjures up images of trusty Land Rovers, whiskey-filled hip flasks and faithful collies named Jed.

The moleskin we’ve used is particularly nice. Reversed, so the soft stuff is on the inside, it’s tough, it feels ace and thanks to that water-resistant coating it’ll keep the rain at bay too.

What’s more, tucked away inside you’ll find a toasty, quilted liner offering some built-in central heating. Thanks to its handy design this liner can be zipped out when the frost thaws. And, because it actually looks good, it can even be worn in its own right as a prime layering piece.

A Whole Lotta Wool

Winter armour no.2 is a full-on, no-holds-barred woollen wonder, made from no less than two kilograms of the stuff. Nice and thick, with a soft feel, this wool puts a big ol’ tick in both the ‘function’ and ‘luxury’ boxes.

If you’re looking for a more modern alternative to a duffle coat, but still want that ultra-classy character you only get from pure wool, then this might just be your kettle of sheep.

A Cut Above

What else? Well, from hood to hem we’ve made sure the Winter Parka is cut just right. The shape is nice and roomystraight with a comfortable fit that means it’ll go over a chunky jumper no problem. We’ve updated the hood design this time around too: refitting it so it works with all sizes of swede without need for an overly-technical adjustment system.

Fully Functional

There’s plenty of pocket space in the mix, with two perfectly angled upper pockets to keep your hands nice and snug, as well as two sizeable lower press-stud pockets for whatever it is you like to carry around. Oh yeah, and there’s a sneaky inside zip pocket too—just the right size to hold that celebratory Kendal Mint Cake for when you finally complete your expedition to the post office.

Embrace the Winter

This is the Parka for those who want to truly embrace the winter months combining details from time-honoured military and outdoor design, with some stripped-back modern flavour, this is a winter coat you won’t want to take off when you get to the pub.

Jack Frost Ain’t All Bad

Looking forward to winter then? Armed with this here Winter Parka you’ll almost be crossing your fingers for icy nights and frosty mornings. Yep — whilst everyone else is running away from Jack Frost, you’ll be buying him a drink. It’s a shame winter is only three months long really…

Get it

Sound good? The Winter Parka will be available to preorder from next Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. (CET)for 299€ whatever version you go for.

But as usual, the first come first served, so drop your details below to get notified when it’s available for preorder.

If it doesn't work out fear not, returns and exchanges are easy and the cost of the return is on us.

Need to know anything else? Leave us a comment below or check our international Instagram page for the answer. Possibly.


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