An all round champ for the ages

November 18, 2022

It’s got history on its side whichever way you cut it… as long as it’s tailored that is.

Perhaps you’ve just finished up a spot of impressive home carpentry - sanding and all - and are about to head off for some cold-water surfing before lunch, or at least a brisk, sun-kissed walk along a windswept coastline? Or maybe you’re putting together an outfit for a smart-casual autumnal do, one of those Sunday lunches where there’s good red wine and a slightly tipsy yomp afterwards? Well - whatever you are getting up to, The Henley’s ready for action.

Reputedly named for its popularity on the sculpted backs of Henley-upon-Thames’ earliest competitive rowers, this storied classic is a true all-rounder, and one that’s been doing the all-rounds for centuries.

It’s technically an undershirt, so can dress down with ease, but then again it’s got a button-up neck - so pair it well and you are right back at the fancy end of the wardrobe.

Like all classics, the dream Henley is harder to perfect than you might imagine. And if it’s going to be by your side day in and out, ours needed to be more than fit for purpose.

The struggle is real

As always, we reached out to you lot before getting started on this one. Firstly to make sure you actually wanted a Henley, but also to understand where the non-Asphalte Henleys were falling flat. Thankfully 2,673 of you responded - the underlying message? You don’t need another pyjama top.

- The fit is too large and too bulky, it’s only good to sleep in

- The fabric starts to twist after one or two spins in the wash

- The fabric is too thin & flimsy or too thick & warm.

- The details are an afterthought and no one thought about them very hard

Fits the Bill, and the other guys

Everything’s a matter of personal style, but basically, we understand that most of you want your Henley to fit just right. If it's cut too loose your style falls into the ‘man-locks-himself-out-on-the-street-in-his-pyjamas’ category, and if cut too tight, a Henley can have a whiff of medieval archer about it. Now, if that’s your thing, then good on you, but we tailored the Henley for those that like it to be just right. Like a respectful hug for your body, never too tight, never too roomy.

Being helpful sorts, we’ve knocked up some pairing suggestions for you in the captions. Just to give a real idea of just how versatile the Henley is.

It's the weighty fabric that gives the Henley its easy, effortless drape. Ours sits at 220gr/m2 of 100% organic cotton. Trust us, it does the trick. It keeps you warm but isn’t sweltering on a sunny day, so you can wear it all year round, and throw it in the wash without worry. The heavy jersey knit was inspired by an active life, so you can be sure it will hang in there for many a cycle.

Stick or twist

This top is no bluffer, its 23cm-long button placket is lined in poplin so that the buttons hold their nerve and don’t twist inside. But nothing’s left to chance. We carefully spaced out the buttons so that you only need to open one to get your head through. Yeah, at long last that moment has come. Goodbye three-button race against time.

Speaking of getting your head through, the round collar has been strengthened by sandwiching an additional layer of jersey between the ribbing. If you’ve got a big head or are an indecisive dresser that’s good news for you.

If you're the latter, you might also be happy to hear that the cuffs have an extra long 10cm rib. So whether you’re wearing the sleeves down or rolling them up, the ribbing will stay in place no matter what. Once again - it’s a shirt for all seasons and all activities for that matter.

How to strike gold with the Henley

The Henley will be available next week to preorder for 39€ and you'll have a few weeks to get involved, but as usual don't dither, as it’s first come first served, if you want to join our 14,000 customers who’ve already adopted the many styles of our Henley.

And for those who're wondering, if it doesn't work out when your Henley arrives you're welcome to a refund. Return costs are on us.

If you have any questions, hit us up in the comment section below or on our international Instagram page

The Asphalte Team

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