Ageing like a fine wine

September 02, 2022

Fine-tuned, eight times

The year is 2016…

iPhone 7’s just dropped (with new colours and water resistance)… Bob Dylan got his Nobel prize, David Bowie danced his last dance, Andy Murray is the world champ.

But more importantly, 2016 was the year one tiny clothing brand trying to do things differently kicked things off with its first crowdfunding campaign. This brought together the outlandish concepts of preorder, top quality, durable clothes, and cutting out waste in the fashion industry.

Of course - that small company was us. And the item we launched our first preorder with? Yes, you got it…The Perfect Jumper.

We were young and hopeful and would have been happy to sell 100 jumpers…the campaign closed with 2,438 orders. A happy sign of changing times and willingness to buy clothes in a more sustainable way. Asphalte was actually needed!

The Age of Reason

Almost six years later, that first item we sold returns - for the 8th time! The Perfect Jumper: as full of hope as ever, as handsome and handy, but with a few little tweaks so that it continues to live up to its name.

Since 2016 we’ve just kept developing it. You wanted a soft jumper that’s warm and ultra-durable, with a top-notch shape. One that’s made with high-quality breathable wool that doesn’t itch, that you can machine wash without risking shrinkage or pilling.

We ticked every box with the Perfect Jumper, and for under 100€.

With each iteration, we’ve fine-tuned it thanks to your feedback, striving toward wooly perfection. It’s been a six-year quest to nail the perfect collar and strike the right balance between weight, density and thermoregulation. Six years to tinker away in the studio, refining the cut so it can work with most body types. Six years perfecting a design which balances uniqueness and its perennial classic status.

Six years to mature into its cult status.

One slightly perverse joy of being perfectionists is that we are never quite done with an item…but that said, we take the 8.5/10 satisfaction score that our 36,429 customers have given us as a nod of approval.

V8, still going strong

The family tree may trace back to 2016, but we’ve managed to develop the winning recipe along the way.

- 550g of pure Merino wool: a wearable, warm, woollen cloud—or so we like to think.

- A tight knit that won’t budge or sag.

- A solid and breathable material that you can fearlessly machine wash up to 30°C.

Same same but different

To keep things lively in our otherwise perfect world of Jumpers, we’ve added four new, vibrant colours. Well, we say ‘we’, but as usual it’s more ‘You’.

You asked for a creamy Off-white, Black, Blue marl and British racing green to go with the celebrated Navy, Charcoal, and Burgundy. As always, we got it done.

Same same but better

Another change for this latest version, one we’re sure you’ll be happy with is, is that we’ve managed to trace everything that went into it... And we mean everything.

We know the Merino sheep that got a fresh (mulesing-free) trim and supplied the fleece. We went to South Africa to learn more about the wheres and hows first hand. We know where the wool was washed, combed, spun and who worked on it. We know who knits the wool and how and where it was dyed and put together.

That’s right. We now have complete visibility of every single element that goes into the Perfect Jumper and the impact of every link in our supply chain. And it’s all here for you to see too.

On a Tuesday?

So, if you are in the market for a top-level jumper, looking forward to treating yourself or perhaps someone else, the 6th of September is the day to watch out for. That’s when the Perfect Jumper 8.0 hits the ground running. Or jumping.

Make sure you get your preorder in early if you want delivery by Christmas. And yes, we 100% endorse people giving themselves presents.

The Asphalte Team

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