A Long-Sleeved Heavyweight

June 17, 2022

Here’s a variation on a classic theme.

A long-sleeved tee should never be underestimated or overthought. That piece of wisdom is often attributed to Aristotle, although historians can’t be sure, maybe it was Plato… It’s certainly worthwhile advice, whoever said it.

Underestimate a long-sleeve T-shirt at your own peril. They’ve been unfairly trashed by some, perhaps those still haunted by that mid-'90s trend of layering one underneath a short sleeve tee. But the long-sleeve tee is a classic, a staple that (when nailed) brings a whole new set of sartorial options to your wardrobe. And don’t fret, we nailed this one.

Heavy duty cotton, perfect drape, tidy cut, dreamy collar—checklist checked

Whether short-sleeved or long, any T-shirt made of under-weight or substandard materials exists in what we like to call ‘the warp zone. It might sound cool, but it’s not. It’s a place where tees lose their shape, where they drape awkwardly, where collars sag and wobble. Luckily, our Long-Sleeved Ultimate T-Shirt is made from 220 g/m2 cotton. That’s 70g heavier than the average t-shirt. Which means this one drapes like a dream, and won’t lose its shape after a few spins in the wash. As if top-notch cotton wasn’t enough, we double-locked the seams around the shoulders and the ribs with an extra strip of jersey and secured all of that with a double top stitch. This yarn won’t be doing the twist.

Not only is this material sturdy, it’s also 100% Organic. It’s no secret that we’re always looking to produce smarter and more sustainably, so we opted for a cotton which is better for our planet and the people working making it. No nasty chemicals used, and the super bonus? Organic cotton requires less water to produce.

As you would expect, we spent serious time on the cut of our long sleeve. We went for a nice straight cut, nothing too fitted or too baggy. No lycra skin tight vibes, and no moshpit throwbacks. In fact, the torso boasts the same tried and tested fit as our Ultimate T-Shirt - an Asphalte icon. Of course, the sleeves are, well, long... But, not too long. Just right.

If you buy a T-shirt with a crew neck it’s fair to expect it stays a crew neck. Sadly, most Tees turn into gaping-necked, deep-V horror shows. We studied some impeccable vintage tees to figure out just how they keep their collars so wear-and-tear proof. Turns out they sandwich the main jersey body between the ribbing and sew it all back on. So now we do too.


Colours fading is a real bugbear for many of you. But rest assured, these colours won’t lose their punch: we dyed the fabric in rolls before it was cut, ensuring serious colour-fastness. On the subject of colours, we have added four new ones to the mix. As well as Navy

- and Charcoal

- top hits from the Long Sleeved Tee’s first outing - there’s now a rich Burgundy,

- a classic White,

- a Grey Marl—for a sporty feel,

- and a classic Olive for those who fancy something a little more Mediterranean.

So there you have it - the Long Sleeved Ultimate Tee. Top-notch material, faultless fit, seriously long-lasting colours and construction, and a collar that won’t leave you hanging. The Long Sleeve Tee will be available to preorder for 39€ from next Tuesday. Save the day, sign up for the reminder below.

The Asphalte Team

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