A Grand Slam Polo Shirt

April 15, 2022

Game, set, match to this properly-cut, hard-wearing Polo Shirt

Designed in the ‘20s by French racket-master René ‘the Crocodile’ Lacoste, the polo shirt was inspired by the comfy-yet-hardy tops seen on court and quickly outgrew tennis to become a true casual classic. Football might be ‘the beautiful game’, but tennis trumps it in the fashion stakes. Try wearing knee-length socks and polyester shorts to cocktails this summer and see if we aren’t right.

Sadly, ‘classic’ really doesn’t translate to ‘simple’. In fact, classics are damn hard to do well. Which is why there are so many bang average polo shirts out there. An item with a century of sleek-casual heritage behind it deserves to be taken seriously, which is just what we did.

- The collar is what makes a polo, so it needs to stand up to the task at hand. No more floppy, shapeless collars that give up after a few wears. This one’s sturdy and sharp, a majestic nod to the crisp lines of the ‘20s originators, and to their longevity. We used long-staple cotton which is seriously tough and super soft. A grand slam collar, if you will.

- Why put a tidy button-down collar on something shapeless? Good question, but it’s not one for us: we took things back to the gilded age of sportswear with a sharp, tidy fit for this Polo Shirt. There’s still enough give to swing a tennis racket (or shake a cocktail) but thanks to that refined shape, our Polo is a bit more French Open ’68 than Disneyland ’97.

- Unlike the fakers out there, this shirt will keep its shape. Polos are traditionally made from a knitted piqué cotton: a breathable mesh-like fabric a bit like those aertex school shirts, but much fancier. Piqué is in the polo shirt’s DNA. We found some beautiful organic piqué, woven with a tight, compact knit. At 250g/m2, it’s a touch heavier than most polos, giving it a more substantial feel. In the Martindale rub test (it’s a real thing—look it up if you don’t believe us), it scored five out of five for durability. What more do we need to say?

- Colour fading was high on your list of polo shirt woes. Given how happy we are with the colours this one’s available in, it would be silly not to ensure some serious colour-fastness. Our Polo Shirt served up a solid 4/5 score in a colour fastness test. Serious colours for a serious shirt.

On the subject of colours, the Polo Shirt is available in white - for you casual clobber purists out there, navy - for the nautically-inspired dresser, green for a less traditional take on a classic, and a new light grey marl.

The Polo Shirt not only ticked all of your worries off the list but has the fibre to last you for summers to come.

The Polo will be available to preorder for 49€ from Tuesday the 19th of April. If you want first dibs, you can drop your info in the box below and we’ll be sure to notify you when you can grab one.

Need to know anything else? Ask away via the comments below, or alternatively, you can check our international Instagram page for more info.


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