The Tough Tennis Shoes Care Guide

May 09, 2023

We might have gone all out making a pair of summer pumps that’ll last, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your part too. As with all footwear, a little effort goes a long way in the care department.


Remember being a teenager? Crowbarring your trainers off, kicking them into a corner then yanking them on the next morning - without once touching the laces? Don’t be ashamed, we all did it. But FYI, that’s pretty much a how-not-to-do-it in terms of keeping your Tennis Shoes in shape.

On the contrary, we strongly advise you to untie them every time and put wooden shoe trees in them. Firstly this will help your pumps keep their shape for years to come. Secondly, it’ll allow any accumulated moisture to wick away, taking smells with it.

A good general rule with leather shoes is not to wear them two days on the trot, but your canvas Tennis Shoes won't mind a few consecutive days of wear. They’re match fit and ready to go.


Lightweight shoes tend to have a short life expectancy. That’s not just because of their light materials, it's also because the summer can take its toll.

Sunlight, heat, sea salt, chlorinated water, sweat, ice cream stains, impromptue beach soccer tournies: the summer season’s a rough one for canvas shoes. Even seriously hardy ones like these.

We recommend that you give your Tough Tennis Shoes a clean from time to time to maximise their life span.

There’s an essential tool for this: the scraper. Sure, it’s not an overly appealing name, but it does what it says on the tin. It's a stiff bristled brush that helps clean your shoes, removing any dust and dirt from that textured canvas.

Once you’ve given them a general dust-off, a toothbrush dipped in soapy water will help remove any persistent stains and restore your precious shoes to their former glory. This technique also works on soles that tend to yellow a little over time.

PS: We know chucking your canvas sneakers in the washing machine is tempting, but even if the short-term result’s a winner, it’ll take years off their life expectancy. Get that elbow grease going.


Once they’re clean as a whistle, you can give your Tough Tennis Shoes a quick once-over with a protective waterproofing spray. It's not mandatory, but it can help prevent stains in the long run.


You now know everything there is to know about looking after your Tough Tennis Shoes. If we've missed something or you have any questions hit us up in the comment section below or here:

We'll be back in touch in a couple of weeks to see how you're getting on.

Until then,

The Asphalte Team

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