April 18, 2023

Spring cleaning for your summer pants? Here's the lowdown.

Washing the linen version

Linen is a smart fabric that doesn’t need to be washed on the regular. You can simply air it for a few hours every now and then to release most of the bacteria, and the smells that go with them.

When washing them, opt for a delicate setting on your machine, say 30°C. Linen may be tough stuff, but you don’t need to hammer it to prove a point. You might want to invest in a laundry net to keep them extra safe. A quick spin at 600rpm during the rinse cycle should get the job done.

If you’re worried about washing these yourself of course, your local dry cleaners should know the score.

Washing the cotton version

Same as above, but pop your trousers inside out, then into the washing machine at 30°C, ideally with similar colours. Keep the rinse cycle at a 600 rpm or lower to ensure your slacks don’t get roughed up.

Drying your pants

Once clean, the Summer Trousers can be dried flat, on a line, or on a hanger. It's your shout. But avoid the tumble dryer and direct sunlight.


Summer might be a good time to do away with the usual chores, but if you like to cultivate the Riviera-style elegance of Mr Ripley, a few gentles presses will do that for you.

For the cotton version, aim for a gentle iron setting of 110°C. For the linen version, you can push the temperature up a little, but place a layer of fabric between the iron and your trousers to avoid scorching them.

Now let summer begin.

That’s all there is to it. Easy, right? Stick to the checklist and your Summer Trousers are sure to be a hit for years to come.

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Until then,

The Asphalte Team:

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