The Easy Shorts Care Guide

May 16, 2023

Keeping your comfortable shorts in shape.

It’s nice we’ve all finally agreed that the Easy Shorts are a comfy essential. Everyone can stop pretending they don’t have a pair hidden away for those self-indulgent lazy days. Now we’re all on the same page, the aim’s to keep yours looking their best.


It doesn’t get more straightforward that this: put your Easy Shorts in the wash at 30°C tops, ideally with similar colours. You know, just to make sure your whites stay white.

You might want to get a laundry bag, just to protect that soft cotton flannel from any rough and tumble in the drum. Keep your spin cycle at 800rpm, tops.


Please don’t chuck these in the tumble dryer. Even this immaculately woven, heavyweight 380g/m2 jersey can have its fibres damaged. We’ve said it before, but generally speaking, tumble dryers are best avoided if you want your clothes to go the distance.

As with all clothes - especially knits - these will be best off drying al fresco in a well-ventilated spot. Avoid direct sunlight and lay your shorts flat, so they keep their shape.


We’re going out on a limb and guessing you won’t be ironing these...


That’s the lot. You now know everything there is to know about looking after your Easy Shorts. If we've missed something or you have any questions hit us up in the comment section below or here

We'll be back in touch in a couple of weeks to see how you're getting on.

Until then,

The Asphalte Team

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