The Comfortable Boots Care Guide

January 31, 2023

A few tips to help yours go the extra mile

The Boot-Care Commandments

Don’t fret, there’s only two of them...

- Avoid wearing your boots two days in a row, the key to longevity is allowing them — and crucially that lovely leather — to recover. It’s hard work being on your feet all day, they need a breather.

- When you do take your boots off, pop some shoe trees in them. The shoe tree’s like a sofa for tired boots. It’s where they want to be after a long day. Shoe trees are especially important if your boots are wet, ensuring they keep their shape as they dry and don’t end up looking like soggy loaves of bread.

A few extra tips

You’ve no doubt noticed the Boots are made of some top-quality calfskin suede. Every now and then, twice a year’ll probably do it, you might want to give that suede a nice clean. We recommend getting comfy for the job, sticking a good album on, and having some time to spare. It’ll feel less like a chore that way.

- Remove the laces.

- Remove any surface dust or debris with a long-hair soft brush. Use a smaller brush (a toothbrush is good) to brush away any dust collected on the welt’s waxed thread.

- Dull the suede of your Boots with a crepe brush to ‘relieve’ the leather from the dirt that gathers over time. Then, comb back the fibres with a brass brush to enhance that smooth, velvety feel.

- Finally, a few sprays with a suede waterproofing formula will help them battle through the next few puddles you come across.

- As for the crepe soles, avoid any chemicals that could damage the rubber. If some persistent dirt or unwanted chewing gum’s bummed a ride, just go at it with a toothbrush and some natural soap. That should do the trick.

Whatever you do, don’t do the following three things. You’ll end up in shoe care prison.

- Don’t wash your Boots by putting them under running water (or in the washing machine).

- Don’t apply bleach, solvents or any similarly nasty products. Natural’s the way to go.

- However much they insist, don’t leave these out sunbathing, or next to a heater to dry.

Need to stock up on your shoe care kit?

Here’s a quick list of products we swear by.

To store them: We recommend shoe trees made by In Corio, but you can also get your hands on nice cedar shoe trees second-hand.

To remove the dirt: Brushes from Famaco.

To dull the suede: A crepe brush like this

To care for the suede: Woly suede gum

For cleaning and waterproofing, everything for suede by Saphir and Grison works.

Thank you !

Now you know everything you need to know to care for your Boots. We hope that you’ll be pleased with them. We'll get back in touch in a few weeks’ time to see how it’s going.

If you have any feedback, positive or negative, just get in touch with our team at

Thanks again for placing your trust in us and we hope to hear from you soon.


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