Care Guide for your Perfect Socks

November 08, 2022

Perfect Socks that last…without looking all worn out. That only requires a little pulling of your socks up.

Love them with reasonable

Sure you’ve been waiting a long time for a pair that righted every wrong with your previous socks. And you won’t want to put your feet up, or as we advise walk not bare but simply sock-footed? Wear a least some slippers and you’ll see they’ll got the extra mile.

Goes without saying, not without caring

We know that socks are put to the test: we wear them every day and we wash them very often, not to mention all that rubbing with your shoes. To help them last longer, we've worked with a reinforced organic cotton/polyamide/elastane mix , but we still have a lfes tips to wash them.

What you can do is invest in a laundry net to put your socks in before you bung them in the machine. This will limit rubbing with the rest of your clothes and further improve their durability.

Otherwise, you know the drill: 30°C with similar colours and a reasonable spin (800 rpm should suffice).

So, if you take care of them and don't mess around with them too often, they should hold their own with your best clothes for a while. And if you have any feedback, positive or negative, feel free to send over to our team :

Thanks again for your help in making them what they are


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