Care Guide for the Thick Turtleneck

December 08, 2021

Taking care of your Thick Turtleneck should be breeze. And that's the only breeze you'll feel with it.

Washing your Thick Turtleneck :

For starters, we recommend not washing it too often. Your jumper's made of 100% wool, which has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. This means it doesn't need regular washing and will smell fresh after repeated use. To give it a breather, all you have to do is air it out every now and then.

But when the time comes, if you feel you need to turn it up a notch on the care side:

Top-level is taking it to your dry-cleaners.

Otherwise, just a cold wash by hand should do the trick

That's provided you rinse it out very delicately. Don't wring it by hand, you might ruin the fibres and stretch your jumper.

Drying it :

Whatever you do, not tumble-dryers, please. We strongly recommended you lay your jumper out flat to dry al fresco. Also never use a hanger when wet, as the weight of the water in the jumper risks pulling it out of shape.

Ironing it :

Ironing is a good way of keeping your jumper looking new after each wash. Use a medium heat setting (150°C max) with a little steam. The jumper’s ok with that.

Thanks !

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