Care guide for the Joggers

December 09, 2021

A good pair of Joggers is easy to maintain. But just to be sure, here's the lowdown on how to take care of it.

How to wash them ?

We recommend washing your Joggers with similar colours on a short cycle 30˚C wash. That's ****enough to properly wash it without damaging the cotton fibres. Turn it inside-out to protect its exterior from any sharp parts of the drum or aggressive bits from other clothes in the same wash (eg: zips).

If you use a laundry net, even better, that's the gold standard and your Joggers will thank you for it over the years. Make sure the wash program finishes on a 800rpm spin cycle to get rid of excess water. Don't go any higher, it won't speed anything up and risks damaging the cotton fibres. When picking a detergent go for a liquid as powders often leave marks which are especially visible on darker garments. That goes for all your clothes, not just your Joggers

How to dry them?

Air dry flat.

When you get your Joggers out of the machine don't wring it out by hand, however tempting that might be. It'll rip cotton fibres and reduce your Joggers' life expectancy. Lay it flat on a surface that won't get damaged by the wet garment.

Thanks !

So there you have it, you now know everything there is to know about looking after your Joggers. If we've missed something or you have any questions hit us up in the comment section below or here

We'll be back in touch in a couple of weeks to see how you're getting on.

Until then,

The Asphalte Team:

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