Care Guide for the Cord Trousers

December 08, 2021

A few tips so that your cord garments keep looking good and you have a wale of a time.

Washing it

You can put your Cord Trousers in the machine, preferably with similar colours. Anything up to 30°C is fine. Turn them inside out so as to protect the outer layer.

We suggest going for liquid detergents rather than powder ones, as those can leave marks on darker clothes. That’s true for all clothes really.

Rising it

A gentle spin in the machine is perfectly acceptable, too. Try and keep things nice and mellow at around 800/900rpm.

Drying it

Al fresco, preferably in the shade.

Once it’s dry you can use a brush to give the cord its original look.

Whatever you do, absolutely no tumble dryers or bleaching it.

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