Care guide for the Boxer Briefs

December 27, 2022

A few tips to make your undies go the distance.

Like you, we were fed up with disposable boxer briefs that ended up in the rag-box within a year.

So we went all out for durability, choosing a 180g/m2 organic cotton Jersey, toughening up the stitching, and layering materials on high-wear areas. But there are still a few ways you can maximise their lifespan.

Washing precautions

These are washing machine ready. It’s best to wash them at 30°C with a max spin of 800rpm, and best to bung them in with similar colours. When washing, we recommend you go for an organic detergent without any bleaching agents.

High and dry

Please avoid the tumble dryer! Air dry on a rack, a line, a nearby branch… Whatever you go for, it’ll only take a few hours, and they’ll feel nice and fresh again. Avoid direct sunlight to minimise colour fading.

Is ironing your secret passion?

Well, we have good news for you then: these’ll stand up to a few passes with the iron at 110°C max. Get that undies drawer ship shape.

One last tip?

When washing, you might want to slip your boxer shorts into a net to prevent them from rubbing against your other clothes or getting caught in the drum. If you don't have one to hand, a pillowcase’ll do the job just fine.

Thanks !

So there you have it, you now know everything there is to know about looking after your Boxer Briefs. If we've missed something or you have any questions hit us up in the comment section below, or here

We'll be back in touch in a couple of weeks to see how you're getting on.

Until then,

The Asphalte Team:

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