The Swimming Trunks Care Guide

April 27, 2021

You don’t have to hold your breath every time you go for a swim...

A few tips before the dip

Salt, chlorine, UV rays... Bad, bad, and yes, also bad. For clothes at least. Swimming trunks go through a lot. But here are a few tips to make sure yours can go the extra mile.


Whether you’ve been catching the surf and tumbling about in the rollers or just doing your best ‘Sexy Beast’ impression by your uncle’s pool, you’ll want to rinse your Swimming Trunks in freshwater after every use. Salt and chlorine are your trunks’ worst enemies, kryptonite to your super-shorts. Left indefinitely, they can damage the garment’s fibres. So, after even a brief dip:

  • Rinse your trunks in warm water (you can use a few drops of natural soap or shampoo if you’ve got them nearby).
  • Wring them out gently, by hand. No need to go off the deep end, you’ll risk damaging the fibres.
  • Let them dry, al fresco, in the shade. Whatever you do, don’t put your Swimming Trunks in the spin-dryer, they wouldn’t be happy about that. As they’re made of hydrophobic materials, they should do the whole drying thing without much help from you.


Nothing too complicated here. A regular 30°C machine wash, preferably with similar colours, topped off with a gentle rinse cycle (let’s say 600 to 800rpm). Organic detergents are always a plus, and always avoid any bleaching agents.


Tumbler dryers are a no-go. Leave your trunks to drip-dry al fresco, out of direct sunlight, for half an hour. They’ll be dry as new in 30 minutes.

Après Summer

Before you put your Swimming Trunks away for the season, it’s worth lavishing a little extra care on them. Needless to say, make sure they’re dry before they go into the wardrobe, and - if ironing is your thing - you can give them a few passes on a low heat, 110°C tops.

A few other tips to keep your trunks looking the business:

  • Avoid splashing sunscreen all over them. They don’t need it. You do. Save it.
  • When washing don’t leave them to soak for too long, especially with detergents that could harm the garment’s fibres.
  • Don’t leave them all screwed up in a corner, or in the bottom of your gym bag. It’s not good for the fabric, and no one likes putting those cold, wet, unwashed swimmers on a second time.


You now know everything there is to know about looking after your Swimming Trunks, didn’t take long did it? If we've missed something or you have any questions, just hit us up in the comment section below or send a message to

We'll be back in touch in a couple of weeks to see how you're getting on.

Until then,

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